Saturday, May 17, 2008

Run 570 - Uitvlugt

17 May 2008

Well, two weeks late and about 20 hashers short!!

Never mind , Bridge bouncer and son finally got their run in Uitvlugt over and done with!!

The Hashers turned up on a very overcast Saturday afternoon (1.30pm) in front of the BHC. With a Grand total of 15 persons including the hares, we were off , over the surprisingly well re tarred Georgetown Harbour Bridge, 22 kilometers to Uitvlugt Sugar Estate.

Parking in the Club compound ... around the back you damned hashers!!

After some consultation with the GM/RA, the hares decides to do the whole original trail, rather than the wimpy alternate trail that they had set, and the Hash was off, the whole group including the crew of 7 Russians (we have been missing you) ... at a rapid wwwaaaalllllkkkkk!!!

Down the road, past the tractor park, where our resident Ansa McAl rep. Birdy Num Num noted the large quantity of tractors that his company had supplied, and commented that he hoped that GuySuCo was maintaining them properly, so he wouldn't get any complaints.... ...Birdy ... your tractors are shite anyway!!!

Past the ghost town of a factory, closed down for out of crop maintenance, down to the back dam, and MUD!!


Finally a hash worthy of our time!

First off along a very muddy track along about 200 (empty) punts .. not the c word you!! Good going at a rapid walk, until you come to the false trail sign!!!!

Back to the Check, off onto a much better trail, the mud has pebbles in it!!
1 1/2 miles of straight muddy track!!!! Gaining weight with every step as GuySuCo mud tenaciously clung to our shoes.

Slogging along the canal, over the high wooden bridges, sliding down the opposite sides, we finally got to a TURN!!

Another 1/2 mile of straight muddy trail, then we find ourselves at the Old Leonora sugar factory ... nothing left there now except a large brick chimmney and a defunct cargo crane. Metal scavengers have been through this area very thoroughly. One of the Russians is seen using her cell on the trail (hah! punishments for you later my girl!!!).

Out along the track to the Main road, (Sperm Bank and a virgin hasher disappearing into the village, not to be seen again until the end of the run) across, past the Leonora Police Station, and up onto the sea wall.

Turning right on the wall, we proceed, heading East, past a little shrimping village .. no shrimp drying ... too wet, but the fantastic aroma!!!!

Up a koker, the view from the top was quite surprising!!

Back on the trail, now heading back South and then West, uneventful, easy walking ... perhaps too easy?

We get back to Uitvlugt Club at about 5.30pm after having spent over 2 hours on the trail, damp, muddy, but in good spirits!!

The two vanished hashers were at the club scarfing down our hard earned beers, along with Marco (DNR).

The rain started up about 15 minutes before we got in, adn it ended up being too cold and dark for anyone to go swimming, so we had the circle .. the run was given a 10 on the Hash scale.

Two virgins were dedflowered before the GM, the Hares were given their just desserts, and them, changing hats The Dreaded RA brought retribution down upon the Heads of the sinners ... glasses of straight xm rum, drunk on their knees without hands for the shortcutting bastards, standing shots of hot rum for the tech users (2) and for the one person whoo dared wear thier hat in the circle while the GM was conducting proceedings!!

Dinner, cooked by Claire, BridgeBouncer's wife (who by the way, was conspicuous by her absence from this affair!) was gobbled up, dominoes played and a good time was had by all!!