Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baganara Runs #636, #637 & #638

After much coordination from Ibo Ibo and team, the GT/Baganara/Bartica Runs which included the GH3's first naked run, there is much to report. 
Over the weekend there were over 80 hashers from the GHHH, POSHHH, PHHH and BHHH.

Run #636
Starting and ending at Ibo Ibo's house the visiting and local hashers were given a glimpse of the highs and lows of GT.  Running through busy streets and unknown backyards to complete the Point A to Point A run.  All in all a very good effort from the Hares and a gr8 start to the weekend.

Travelling to Baganara
Run #637
After travelling to Baganara on Jetboats, with a slight hangover and having too much to drink on board the hashers made temporary living quarters in the guest rooms, hammocks and tents - hell we were sleeping all over the place.

GH3 Naked Run #1
No information available other than that it was on some abandoned airstrip.

Live Run Hares get theirs
Run #638
The final Run was a "Live Run" done in Bartica, after providing the hares with sufficient time to start setting the trail the speeding hashers were stopped at the very first set of markers.  Took them some time to figure out what the hares had left for them to follow.  Anyway Flaps Down has a toilet seat to wear in memory of the mistakes made.

GH3, POSH3 and PH3

The Georgetown, Port of Spain and Paramaribo Hashers all shared a wonderful weekend together and posed for a final photo together.

The Paramaribo Hashers returned to Suriname on Monday morning arriving to Paramaribo in time to get some rest and do their usual Monday afternoon Hash.
What dedicated Hashers !!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Run #634, Diamond Housing Scheme 3/6/2012 and re run #635 16/6/2012

And the Hash has done it again!!!!!  

Yet another successful hash (late as usual) in Diamond Housing Scheme.

Hares were Teshanna, Felecia and Hairy Batty Dangles aka Collis.  Yes Collis got his name today, this being his 10th run..... yay Hairy Batty Dangles    .....   Now go buy some decent shorts!!!!

Meeting at the BHC as usual, at an unusual time  .... 11am, we had 20 hashers turn up by 12am and we left the BHC at 12:15 heading up to Diamond Housing Scheme.

1 1/2 miles into DH/S we parked in front of the Diamond Mosque  (shades of Nickerie people!), we had 4 other hashers turn up making a total of 24 runners (not including the hares).
Glutton Chicken Fucker called to say that he was coming, then he called to say that he had to turn back for King Kong Not So Long  ...........   yeah right, and why the hell was KKNSL late?  He spends saturday night right next door to the BHC!!!!

Yeah well any hoooo, the Hash took off and ran South past the Diamond Police Stn., down to the last st. turning East heading towards what used to be cane fields ... surprise we turned back North then west, back towards where we started!  First drink stop was next to the last vehicular bridge in Diamond, crossed it going north, then east onto the Diamond main rd.  into the backdam!

*&&%%$$##@@@ _(+) (*&&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(*^%&^$%^#$% $#@#!!!!!!!!!!!!
@#$@!#@ $%$@@$%!!!!!
Shiggy, shiggy and more shiggy!!!!!  A bunch of almost lost shoes later, we were 1 mile down the dam still heading East, with even more shiggy in sight!!!!  The front runners claim they were 2 miles down the dam!!  more fool you people ... no paper down there!!!  After sounding the recall at the hares request, the GM got everybody turned back, and the hares directed the hash up a dam heading north through old growth sugar cane ... most of it fermenting darn it!!  

One big loop later we were back on the in trail heading out (West).  Back thru the Shiggy, cow shite, garbage, more shiggy back onto Diamond main rd. to the next drink stop.   AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Blessed be banks the golden brew!!!!!!!!!!!  At which point we were joined by Glutton Chicken Fucker and King Kong Not So Long.

Now Through out this whole run, Suemayah claimed she was suffering from morning sickness, and was really nauseated.  Yeah right Suemayah ...LIAR!!! ...  we know you were on anti malaria meds and were having a bad reaction ... we have spies in the embassy!!!!

Any how, having just spent a further 10 minutes looking for the trail after the drinks stop, we were directed agin up the correst way by an oblinging,  soon to be named, Hairy Batty Dangles. 

Another long 15 minutes in the blazing sun on hot tarmac, and the Minarets of the Mosque were in sight, and Nauseous Suemayah and a bunch of the rear enders suddenly got legs and sprinted to the Beers.  Carib this time.

After rehydrating, we headed off to the Diamond club for the ONON, and a great pool dip.

Hares were punished,  errr, ahmm, that is rewarded!!!  Virgins (6 of em) deflowered, fresh hares for the next run were volunteered, and the R A then showed his great wisdom and perspicacity, by justly punishing the sinners (two trail pissers, two tech users, and two more just for being ugly I guess!!!! (GCF and KKNSL)).

A quick meeting was held and it was decided that Chris "Glutton Chicken Fucker" McRae would take the Job of Hash Dray, whilst the job of Hash Cash would be held by Nicholas "Flaps Down" Fraser, with tech assistance from Dave Jones for records.

Then it was time for food, and a good time was had by all, during which time name suggestions were put down for Collis, and while every one was in the pool, he was dubbed and shall forever henceforth be known as Hairy Batty Dangles.

The next run will be on Saturday 16th June up in Timerhi, Hared by TBS, Oriane and Robby.
Meeting time will be 1pm in front of the BHC.  Hash cash is $2000.00