Saturday, June 23, 2007

Run 553 - Mocha/Arcadia Mud Slog

Run 553 - Mocha/Arcadia Mud Slog.
Hares = Sword Swallower, Birdy Num Num, and Sword Swallower's cousin. (What happened to Easy Bitch and Bambi?)
False Trail:

False Muddy Trail:

Muddy Trail:

Muddy Trail:

Airbag Kisser doesn't just kiss airbags!

Shouldn't the big guy go last?

Washing their shoes?

Back to the mud:

Those Americans are really gullible! Who would set a trail through a cane field?

So gullible they fell for it a second time:

Chop Suzuki had to go find them:


More Mud:

Choose your favorite caption:
"Misbehave on the trail and the Hare will whack you with a stick!" or
"And she wonders why she got the name Sword Swallower?"

More Mud:

Still More Mud:

Muddy Grass!

Birdy Num Num's beautiful legs:

Sword Swallower thinking about giving Birdy Num Num a bath:

Six real Virgins and two who never did it in Guyana before:

Sword Swallower gets her name:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Run 552 - Georgetown Lighthouse & Duke's Lodge - 9 June 2007

Run 552 - Georgetown Lighthouse run. On On at Duke's Lodge.
Hares = Baby Jesus, Makes Me Fart, and Birdy Num Num.

Easy Bitch begged to get her photo on the blog again. Tanya and Rum-in-Her-Crack were kind enough to pose with her on the balcony overlooking the Duke's Lodge pool.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hash History

Click links for pictures from the Easter 1993 Lethem Rodeo trip, the Halloween 2005 Hash and the July 2005 Bartica Overnight Hash.

Also, see new pictures of the Marudi Creek-Madewini Gardens Hash.

Anyone else with hash photos, please e-mail them to