Friday, December 11, 2009

The Hash Party

Well the second Guyana Hash House Harriers Xmas party went off quite well, with about 20-23 people attending at the Dutch Bottle Cafe on Church Street.

Lots of people that we know about who were in country did not attend, wether they just plain forgot or wether they just plain fell asleep like Micro Orgasm and his wifey claim they did, or just never got the email  .... (please if you want to get emails from the hash letting you know about upcoming runs, email us at, and we will add you to the list.) they just did not appear.

Any how the Mismanagement Committee and I want to wish you seasons greetings, Merry Xmas and an extremely happy and profitable New Year!!

The Next run of the GH3  will be in January 2010, and it will be a weekend run in Bartica (a gold mining based town that is the capital of Region 7, situated at the junction of the Essequibo and Mazaruni rivers,).

That means that we leave Georgetown on Saturday morning, get to Bartica, settle into our location (usually a camp out site, or for those namby pamby ones a guest house or hotel), thensome time after lunch we suffer through the run that the hares have inflicted upon us, have the On On  at some unspecified location, after which there is the all night party session in Bartica (usually) for those still up to it!

Sunday is designated as recovery day, although sadistic hares have been known to put us through another run in the morning!!!

Thank God for the BANKS hare of the dog!!!!!

Let us know if you are interested in the Bartica weekend Jungle hash soon, since the hares have logistics to deal with!!


Hash Master (of all He surveys)
Ph: 619-7011

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next Run - Sunday Oct 25 at Marudi Creek

The next run of the Guyana Hash House Harriers will be on Sunday 25th October, 2009 at Marudi Creek.

Meeting at 9.30 am as usual at the British High Commission. Swimsuits are preferrable, but not mandatory!!

This Run will Cost $2,600.00.

Hares will be John Singh and Gypsy Bitch.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mon Repos/National Park

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Well the last run went off quite well despite there being only 10 runners. Hares were Gypsy Bitch, JohnSingh and Mrs Singh!

We left the BHC at 10.00 and went up to Mon Repos, thru Melsha furniture store street down to the back, parked the cars, and then headed off on the run.

The paper trail set by John Singh led us down behind Mon Repos and into the cane fields, around and over trenches, through the sugar cane,( killing about 20 pounds worth of sugar cane in the process!!!), along the naim irrigation canal, over and into punts (with a "P" you dirty minded sod), then back out in to Mon Repos and the cars.

The On ON was held at the National Park, with lots and lots of food (big shrimp no less) pork, beef, fish, puri and cookup!!

3 virgins were deflowered, 2 sinners justly punished, and the hares given an 8.5 for their efforts.

The next run will be in 2 weeks: that is October 4th 2009 meet at the BHC at 3pm in the afternoon. Swimming gear may be required, so please make note!!

The Hare for this run will be Jerry White and brood!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Mahaicony Hiccup

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Well after some hiccups, the hash finally got going for the last run up to Mahaicony ... got up there at about 11.30 am in blazing hot sun.

Then another wait for further runners and food prep drink prep, and we were off in the blistering noonday sun!!

A hot sweaty hard walk / run in and around rice fields, which thank God were pretty much dry.

A total of 1 1/2 hrs gruelling trudging with the occasional run and walk, with the sun sapping the life out of your body, lots of sunscreen applications, and water required for this run.

At the End we were at the GRDB Burma Sports Club, where 20 runners/walkers then proceeded to cool down with numerous Banks (blessed Brew). 9 virgins were deflowered in front of the gathered Hash, 4 sinners were roundly punished (straight Vodka), and the hares responsible for the debacle were rewarded.

The Next run will be on Sunday 20th September 2009, Meet at the BHC at 9.30am.

Hash cash again $2000.00

Hares : John Singh and Gypsy Bitch.

Location: unknown.

Be there so we can get an early start to beat the heat!!!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Linden Hash

The Linden Hash
Sunday, 16 August 2009

Well People, those of you who didn't come to the Linden run missed out on a good one!!

25 runners and 2 johnny come laters turned up.

Got off to a late start (as usual) left the BHC at about 10.30am, and got up to Linden about 11.50, then had to wait while the hares got themselves organised with the drinks etc.

Birdy Num Num and Suck Me, Suck Me did a good slightly short trail on the other side of Wismar.

Fresh running terrain .... never been done by the hash before!! ...
Parked the cars at a creek behind Wismar .... lot of people enjoying their Sunday there.

Ran through some old mine pits (slightly filled in) and across a ridge with lots of false trails criss- crossing the back trail, so some confusion, but all in all a good effort.

Ended up back at the Wismar creek but the noise level there had gone up too much, so we decided to go to one of the less crowded creeks on the highway for the ON ON.

The last hashers left the creek at about 7.00pm

Anyhow, The next run will be on Sunday August 30th. at 9.30am, meeting at the British High Commission to leave 10am waiting for latecomers. If you need a ride, just meet us at the BHC or give the GM a call (619-7011)

Hash cash will again be $2000.00

We will be convoying up to Mahaicony, on the East Coast Demerara.

Hares will be Gypsy Bitch and Stephen Patterson.

See you there


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Agriculture Road Run

Well another hash come and gone, and things are looking up!!

We had a total of 27 persons on the last run (walk actually), 2 breakins on the vehicles, and a good time at the Enmore pool.

The Run was held Up Mon Repos Agri. Road from the Geddes Grant experimental/demonstration farm.

unfortunately, when we came out of the farm, two of the cars had been broken into!!! At the back of nowhere!!!

Ah Well Shite happens!

The Next run will be after Easter .... yes people are going to Lethem, unfortunately not with the hash, but there could be a hash in Boa Vista... who knows?

See you soon.

Lethem Ho!

Colin "ChopSuzuki" Lee

Friday, March 27, 2009

The next run - March 29th @ Enmore

Well The run is definitely on this Sunday (29th), and after the run we will be ending up at GuySuCo Enmore Estate Sports Club, here there is a very nice swimming pool.

Therefore , the mismanagement committiee is advising all hashers to bring swim gear (or not ... we don't mind the occasional skinny dipper!!!)

Meet at the British High Commission at 10am for convoy

See you Sunday


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

The New Year run

Welcome to 2009

Wilkommen 2009

Bienvenue a 2009

To all of you hashers and lapsed hashers show up this year in huge numbers!!!!!

Condolences to "Sperm Bank" and family whose father passed away

we want to say good bye to staunch hashers :

"Transvestite Lover" and his wifey "AntiChrist" whose term with Guysuco Skeldon has come to an end and,

Tinky Winky who absconded to Canada without telling us!!!!

Thank you those of you out there who kept coming to the runs during thin times, and for the hares without whom there is no hash!!!!

Anyhow now that we are done with all that trash, the first run of 2009 will be held on Sunday18th January. Meet at the British High Comission at 10am, for convoy to run site. We will leave at 10.30 sharp. Hash cash will be G$2000.00

It will be an all day outing on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, and since it is the rainy season, please do bring swimming togs to take advantage of all that water!!!!

The Hares will be "Gypsy Bitch" and "ChopSuzuki"

WE need to have some idea of numbers for this run so that we can cater food .. probably Roasted Caiman, Pork and Beef!!!!!


see you there