Saturday, July 26, 2008

Run 573 - The Industry Run

Date 26th July 2008
Hares: Rebel and AirBag Kisser

Location: Industry, East Coast Demerara.

3 pm at the BHC as usual, and you ever vigilant ever present Hash Master waited in vain for a crowd worthy of his presence!!!

A Grand total of Seven people turned up!!!!

Ahhh, Summer hols ..... Phooey!!

Anyway, Lady's Bitch took Swampy and wifey to go collect the food then to meet the rest of the hash at Industry in front of Gypsy Bitch's house. Of course, with only 2 possible roads to travel up the east coast, they got lost!!

Anyhooo, they finally turned up at the run site, and the Hash took off for a hectic walk!

Averaging about 3 miles an hour, (I saw snails passing us and laughing!!!), the hash wended it way through the streets of Industry, the nighbouring village of Ogle, then out to the seawall, with a short stop to climb a Koker (rusting and decrepit) thence along the new Rip-Rap seawall being built by BK int. back to Gypsy Bitch's place. Stopping long enough to imbibe two brews, we then took off for Lady's Bitch's place, where we got the guided tour of his bedrooms (4 of them), his well decorated living room(done by him!!) and his driveway(which shortly stank of beer).

The circle (skeletal as it was) was done in great good humour .. the Hares were punished for their contribution to the decadence befalling the Hash and got an 8 on the hash scale rating.

The rest of the evening passed by quietly, disturbed only by rumours of the formation of a new Political party to contest the upcoming 2011 elections ... The Members of the Mismanagement committee hereby deny any affiliation with this Party!!!! (unless there is lots of free beer of course!!)

Next run due date around the 9th of August, but no volunteer Hares as yet.

Please volunteer ... and look for the ads in the chronicle News paper for the Big Cari Fiasco Run coming up!!!

Contact the Hare line (Rebel) on:- 673-6534
Hash Master :- 619-7011
Gypsy Bitch :- 625-1500 or 690-8040

Bye for now ... more to come later!!!!