Sunday, May 30, 2010

The last run and the next one

Well all. we got off another pretty successful run  on Saturday...16 runners and 3 DNR's who turned up at the On On.

This run took the Hash to the Blacka .... and for those of you who don't know what that is... that is the part of the Lamaha canal that passes through tha back of the Botanical Gardens.

The run started in MeadowBrook Gardens with 10 virgins, and 5 veteran hashers and the Hare yours truly, ChopSuzuki.  Nice area that almost nobody knows about.

From there the trail lead up onto the conservancy dam, where a check point sent the hash scattering all over the map on 4 (count em 4) false trails which took people into Sophia and along the dam in the direction of the airport .. just 26 miles to go!!

The real trail lead down the conservancy dam through swamp, bush and an overgrown bamboo patch about 100 feet wide, where the hashers had to crawl to get under the overhanging branches, across a trench  on limps of mud and logs then another dam where people were squatting, into the back of the old botanical gardens, across the conservancy by a bridge, where a false trail took hashers back into Sophia for a short distance, the through Lamaha Gardens to Rum In Her Crack's house for the On On.

10 Virgins were deflowered at this On On, and technology users and hand holders were justly punished!!!!

This upcoming Sunday run will be held up at Timerhi, close to the race circuit. We will be spending the day up there, so be prepared and bring swim gear.

Meet at the British High Commission at 9.00am on Sunday 6th June 2010. Transport up to Timerhi with one of the hashers.

Hash Cash $2,000.00 per person for the day.

See you there.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Next run Saturday 22nd of May 2010 at 3pm

Just a reminder that the next run will be on Saturday 22nd of May, 2010 at 3pm.

We will meet at the British High Commission as usual, and move of from there. This run will be a town run .. but you will see bits of G/T that you have never seen before!!!!