Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Just to let you all know that yes the Hash still exists, and yes we will be hosting runs in the new year.

However, as HM I would just like to say that there are many of you out there hanging around uselessly who are on the hash shit llist for not setting runs..for 2 to 3 years...

Please remember that if you do not participate in setting runs, there will be no hash. 

Our first run for the year 20011 is due to be hosted by Suckstache and Rubberduckie yet again and it will be held on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday in January.'

Please keep an eye on the blog or your emails for updates.

Thanks and have a good one,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Next run Saturday 14th August 2010 at 3pm

The next run of the Georgetown Hash House Harriers will be on Saturday 14th August 2010 at 3pm.  We will be meeting at the British High Commission and then will travel over the river to Canal.  The hare for this run will be "Lube Job" Rambarran.

Since we have some distance to travel, please ensure that you are there sharp 3pm.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Timerhi Run 6/06/2010

Well joyful news for the Hash!!

We had an extremely fun and successful run up in Timerhi!!

Meeting in front of the British High Commission at 9am on Sunday morning (yawn!!, Stretch!!! ... where's my coffee????), the numbers of people on this particular run were stunning .... a grand total of 35 people turned up to test themselves against what the Hash had to throw at them!!

We stood around waiting for others to join us, and your honoured Hash Master/ Religious Advisor registered attendees.  As usual the Hash finally decided to move off at 10am, when Rum In Her Crack arrived giving us sufficient transport for all.

After a pleasant drive up to the Timerhi Circuit, during which some of the vehicles managed to get lost, we finally got into the parking area of the Jardim's place, where "Suckstache" and "Rubber Duckie" were waiting for us.

After orienting the 15 (yay "I'm going down") virgins who were with us on this run and showing them an example of the shredded paper that they would be following, the Hash set off down the trail that lead up to the property.

Round the corner and down the road, or trail whatever!!!!

AAAAhhhh, out into the wild green yonder!!

And straight away we see a blue, flat footed, gray crested technology user!!! These interesting denizens of the forest floor are a rare but undesirable sight on the Hash.

A short time later, further up the trail we have a quick glimpse of the backs of a trio of long legged forest walkers,  an all too common sight whilst on a hash.  It may be that this influx of forest walkers have displaced the more rare forest runners from their natural habitat.

Continuing on the trail, the hashers meet their first check point of the day.

Now for those of you who have never seen a check point, let me say that they are a very common phenomena on a hash trail, probably waste left behind by the hares which also use these trails.

The effect of these double piles on the hashers is curious, in that it causes them to come to a sudden stop in the middle of the trail and they begin to mill around making them perfect targets for the miscellaneous hunters in the area.

Fortunately for the herd of hashers, there seems to be a maximum load that can be accommodated on the trail, and after about 10 or 12 individuals have milled around for a short time, the herd suddenly scatters in various directions. About a minute later, cries from various members of the herd can be heard "ON ON!!" from about 3 different directions, some in quite dense jungle.

As with all herding animals, however they must find one another, and finally chose a single trail to follow, perhaps being frightened by the terrible False Trail piles which lurk in the tall grass by the sides of many trails that Hares use.

With the herd of hashers finally on the move together again, we continue to follow them through the jungle, the herd having turned away from the wider more used trails, onto smaller harder to see trails, seemingly with a specific destination in mind.

The herd finally breaks out of the close jungle and encounter a manmade miracle ..... a wide strip of black savannah .. used by man the great predator to hunt hashers.

The herd nervously breaks into a canter, turning onto this strip and proceeding on in the blazing sun, with stragglers now a far distance in the rear.

As the herd of hashers canters off into the distance, we see one of the everpresent predators attempting to catch a hasher.

With a qiick dash to the right, the herd charges into the bush again, avoiding the hunter, and continuing on their way!!


Back in the jungle, passage of the herd brings out the other animals .. here we see what we later find out is called a greater white legged "BankCock."

Suddenly a large portion of the herd vanishes, having turned off on to a separate trail which is unmarked by the passage of the hares, meanwhile the smaller portion continues on following the hare trail, further into the bush, down hills, through glades and then up other hills.
The remaining portion of the herd is now widely scattered along the jungle trail, perhaps sensing that they are safe and close to their destination.

Surprisingly after a few twists and turns in the trail ... there it is the destination ... right back where the herd started from ... the watering hole!!!  And another surprise the missing portion of the herd is there ahead of  them, having SHORT CUTTED on the back trail.

Some time later, the tail end of the herd comes up through the front gates led by the individual well known for such antics "Front Running Paperless Bastard" whichclaims it was following arrows!!!

At the On On, the 16 virgin (not any more!!) hashers are introduced to the rest of the thundering herd, and a large group of sinners comprising of 2 technology users, one pair of PDOA specialists (Public Display Of Affection bleah yuk), and a big bunch of shortcutters were justly punished by the HM/RA.

Whilst portions of the herd look on. 

Here we see a rare image of a "Rubber Duckie" preparing food for the herd, which must be fed regularly.

After feeding and in pouring rain the herd moved to the water hole and proceeded to turn it into a death trap when all herd members began walking and then running in the same direction, creating a whirlpool of monumental proportions.

Two herd individuals were named on this occassion ... Sefa is now known to the herd as "BankCock", and Vivian has been dubbed "Antz in her Pantz."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The last run and the next one

Well all. we got off another pretty successful run  on Saturday...16 runners and 3 DNR's who turned up at the On On.

This run took the Hash to the Blacka .... and for those of you who don't know what that is... that is the part of the Lamaha canal that passes through tha back of the Botanical Gardens.

The run started in MeadowBrook Gardens with 10 virgins, and 5 veteran hashers and the Hare yours truly, ChopSuzuki.  Nice area that almost nobody knows about.

From there the trail lead up onto the conservancy dam, where a check point sent the hash scattering all over the map on 4 (count em 4) false trails which took people into Sophia and along the dam in the direction of the airport .. just 26 miles to go!!

The real trail lead down the conservancy dam through swamp, bush and an overgrown bamboo patch about 100 feet wide, where the hashers had to crawl to get under the overhanging branches, across a trench  on limps of mud and logs then another dam where people were squatting, into the back of the old botanical gardens, across the conservancy by a bridge, where a false trail took hashers back into Sophia for a short distance, the through Lamaha Gardens to Rum In Her Crack's house for the On On.

10 Virgins were deflowered at this On On, and technology users and hand holders were justly punished!!!!

This upcoming Sunday run will be held up at Timerhi, close to the race circuit. We will be spending the day up there, so be prepared and bring swim gear.

Meet at the British High Commission at 9.00am on Sunday 6th June 2010. Transport up to Timerhi with one of the hashers.

Hash Cash $2,000.00 per person for the day.

See you there.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Next run Saturday 22nd of May 2010 at 3pm

Just a reminder that the next run will be on Saturday 22nd of May, 2010 at 3pm.

We will meet at the British High Commission as usual, and move of from there. This run will be a town run .. but you will see bits of G/T that you have never seen before!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Bartica "Run"

Here we are again the postmortem on yet another hash!!!!

Well, as always, the hash met at the British High Commission for 12 noon, and guess what ... everybody was late except the White people!!(Jerry White and kids)  So we hung around waiting for the hares and a few others such as the NCN crew who turned up fashionably late (at least one half of it... the other half (the one with the camera) turned up very late).

So there we are, sitting around in front of the British HC having our photos taken by the security cams (and probably being marked down as suspicious loiterers) waiting for a hare who eventually never turned up.

We had to pick her up at the Harbour Bridge!!!!

Anyhow we finally left the BHC in a minibus hired for the occasion by Sefa our number one hare.
12 people in the bus up to the bridge, 9 adults and 3 kids bouncing along , we get to the bridge and settle down to wait for our number 2 hare who was on her way down from Linden.  Rum In Her Crack decides that she is hungry, so everyone hops out and goes across the road to M&M's just as soon as we cross the road, who should turn up but our wonderful No. 2 hare S... M. S... M.(name disguised to protect innocent eyes).  Anyway we top up on snacks and proceed on our merry way to Parika to get a speedboat to Bartica (in case you didn't know speedboat taxis are the only way of getting to Bartica if you don't want to spend about 4 - 6 hours on the ferry, or if you just really don't feel like driving the couple of hours through the rough trail that will take you to Bartica and then still have to use a small ferry to cross the river.

Arriving safely at Parika after an hour's drive filled with spirited conversation on a wide range of subjects, such as who wears makeup, and who was sleeping with whom in Bartica, we found that there was a serious shortage of transportation due to allof the speedboat captains most likely having partied too much and Bartica the night before and not remembering where they parked their boats!!

So finally at about 4.30pm some 3 hours after leaving town, and after having stood on the stelling steps for 2 hours in the BLAZING sun, we finally got a boat and headed for Bartica.

The original plan was to have a Saturday afternoon run, have an ON ON and then explore Bartica night life.  Well so much for the afternoon run!!  Bartica is 1 hour away from Parika on a boat with two 200 Hp outboard engines!!

So the boat dropped us off at the Bartica stelling, and we got a bus that took us down to the very last building on the Essequibo side of Bartica called Bidrabhu (pronounced Bid Rah Boo) house, a very nice 5 bedroom house right on the river with a swimming pool ... reasonable too for US$260 for the whole house.

Dinner that had been ordered earlier came in from a hotel in Bartica, and after some hot showers, we dined with a great views of the river (slightly blocked by about 1 million trees) and sat around and talked for about an hour or so before changing go go check out the nightlife.

The night life (such as it as) we found to be surprisingly sparse and very very loud for the most part, but we were lucky enough to catch the last part of the Ms. Bartica Regatta pageant prelims, which were entertaining enough.

Later we hung out a bar at which point, one of our temp hashers put her foot in it!!  Literally!!  She stepped in to a 3 foot deep open drain which she didn't see in the dark just outside the bar and messed up her ankle ... the hash hasn't even started and one down to injuries!!

That effectively put an end to our revelries for the night and we headed back to the house.  Jerry, having the kids along, opted not to go on the night life tour, and met us at the door very surprised to see us back so early.  We hung out, drank some of the hash staple Banks Beer (blessed be the golden brew!!) and crashed for the night.

Next morning after breakfast, the hash opted to go on a cross country walk in lieu of the regular paper marked trail (less one injured), and travel from the Essequibo River to the Mazaruni River, through town and jungle, without the benefit of a guide!!

Well after about 2 hours of heavy jungle, hot sun, hills, tracks, old broken roads, good new roads and over grown pine tree plantations we finally made it to our destination, on the banks of the Mazaruni river, less than 15 minutes drive away from Bartica!!!  A great beach down there at the bottom of a big hill which even the minibus driver feared to attempt.  There was a good view of  the Mazaruni Prison and the old ferry which was turned into a prison boat.

We bought drinks to quench the major thirsts that had built up during our walk, purchased from one of the residents, and we spent time under a huge laden mango tree just enjoying the breezes from off of the river, while we waited for the bus to pick us up.

At the on on, we decided that Sefa was due her hash name, and suggestions were written down in the book.  This is still incomplete, as insufficient names were thought of by the inebriated hashers!!

Lunch (another meal from the Hotel) and more beer before packing up and hopping into the bus for a quick trip to get a boat which at 5pm was cutting it a bit close since boats are not supposed to be on the water after 6pm.  We got a special and loaded up (in the process forgetting one of our precious crated of beer in another boat (since rectified) and headed down to Parika.

A bus back to town after a rough ride on the river, and a bunch of very tired but happy hashers headed home.!!!!


Friday, March 19, 2010

The Return of fun

Well people, This it is! The penultimate day before the Bartica Hash, and we have a grand total of 10 persons.

A lot of noise in the background about "yes we want to go, but..."

Get up off your tukhusses and get.

We meet at the BHC on Main street at 12.15pm on Saturday 20th March  ... yes that's tomorrow...
and from there, minibus to Parika, speedboat to Bartica, walk to the Guest house/Hotel/whatever, Lunch, relax a bit, do a run (in the Jungle I believe) back at the Guest house/Hotel/whatever we have the On On, sinners will be punished and hares will be punished even more!!!!  Party and generally have fun that night.  Breakfast bright and early the next morning (Sunday 21st), recover slightly and then another run ... maybe even a jungle run  .. lunch (dont know whether that is covered in the costs) and then Speed boat back to Parika, Minibus back to town.

There you have it.....  our itinerary in a knutshell!!!!

Those of you who have not already paid up, please bring the money to the BHC Tomorrow, and by the way, the hash cash has been cut back to $2000.00.

Thanks for your attention

Your revered Grand Master
H. M. ChopSuzuki

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome to 2010, a brand new year of hashing!!!

As you may have noticed, we haven't had a run for the year.... mainly coz the first one got postponed.

Buy Guess what?

It's bbbaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bartica Hash bigger and badder than ever!!

Seifa and Belinda (Suck Me Suck Me) have finally gotten it together and gone up to Bartica to sus. out the run site.
I am told that the Run will be held on the weekend of March 20 - 21st.

Hashers and prospective hashers please be informed that this run will be taking place in near jungle, and for the most part I believe that we will be camping out with the anacondas and tarantulas!!  Hotel accommodation in Bartica is available, and can be arranged for those of you toooo namby pamby to spend time feeding the local wildlife!!!!

Costs of the run will include 1)  Minibus from G/T to Parika  2)  Speedboat transportation from Parika to Bartica return, 
3)  Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast on Sunday   4)  Hotel costs (optional)  (a tent or hammock is free in the jungle)
5)  plus hash cash of $2,500.00

Let us know real soon (by this time next week) if you are coming and if you want Hotel accommodation, catering for the food is necessary.

See you there and hope to hear from you soon