Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Hash 2013 run #668

Well now, weeeeeerrrrrrreeee baaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!!

After a long hiatus, the Guyana hash blog is back.  Oh you noticed?!?!?!

Yes, well, after Run #666 when all hashers wore their horns lit and ran through the dark streets of Ogle and Industry, we had run #667 in Linden where Demerara Hash and G/T Hash joined to hash around the Bl ue Lake, climbing up and down white sand hills in the blazing hot sun,and which run yours truly really did not attend (I have an excuse!!), we come to run Number 668.

We are back on Main Street, meeting on Friday the 25th, for the Official Guyana Hash House Harriers Halloween run.  Meeting on Main Street for 5pm, we left the High Commission at 6.30pm (Guyana Standard time), and drove to Cummings Lodge for the start of the run.  In Costume.  And face Paint.  And more lit horns. 

Hares were Gypsy Bitch, Yhap Jack, $2 Dollar Suckee Suckee and Nameless Randy Fredricks.

So, we ran through the streets of Industry, visited two orphanages and distributed Halloween sweets to the residents, passed through the Ogle cemetery, in full darkness, with hashers competing to put scares into other hashers, out into the Airport Bar for a beer stop and thence onto Ogle airport road for the Down Down and Party!!

At the ONON / DownDown we had five leavers who were named or in the case of one, renamed.
Visa Bitch was renamed S(u)megma,
Dallas named Black Cock Down,
Jaime named La Don.
Jimmy named Brazilian Stripper
Chuck named Yeti Lover.

No sinners since the new GM has not gotten around to appointing a Religious Advisor!

But all in all a good run over familiar territory.
Party afterwards was good..Smoke machine, lights, BBQ, Boom Box and all.

Upcoming Runs:

Run#669: GDF assault coourse hash at Timerhi Army Base (Camp Stephenson).  Meet at the BHC Main Street Nov. 10th 11am.

Run#670: Lopes Farm Hash CookOff  family outing.  Meet at the BHC Main Street Nov. 24th 9am