Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Next run is this weekend

The next run of the Guyana Hash House Harriers will be on Sunday November 20th 2011.

We will be meeting at the BHC at 1pm  yes 1pm, as the run will be up on the highway.
See you there


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Halloween Hash (Run # 617)

Well now the Halloween hash went off with a bang, despite the trail having been washed out by torrential rains the night before, causing the hares to panic, and go dashing off in all directions, sending a flurry of worried emails to yours truly asking if they should cancel the run!!!

We met up at the BHC at 2pm as was advertised with about 33 percent of those present in some form of costume, but this being guyana, did not leave there till 2.35.

Never mind ... most of the runners did end up at the Felicity sign, more of them in costume, and yes believe it or not we did start the run by 3.15.

The hares had to do last minute alterations to the trail, which resulted in it being a partial live hare run looping back upon itself, which allowed the latecomers to join the main pack midway thru the run. (hares claim the latter part of the trail was too muddy -- shame hares! this is the hash!)

All in all not a bad run for a 3 hour desperation setting!!

The hash bypassed the cars and ended up directly at the on on site, at which point things became interesting.

Two quick trips to get drives back for the vehicles, and we then settled down for an extremely well lubricated circle with lots of sinners, accusations and yes one naming.

During the circle one of the Linden Peace corps contingent who used to be known as Timothy Tibbs, was heard to say that there was just too much beer.  Now as any good hasher knows, it is not possible to have too much beer at any point in time anywhere.

Young master Tibbs was then told of his transgression, and the ever correct GM suggested that he be named for his sins.  After a voracious pack of hashers descended on the food and ate the hares out of house and home, the naming ceremony took place and young master Tibbs will forever be known as "
Hairy Pussy".

Deaf Lesbian said his fare thee wells to all, this being his last run  ... (you will be missed not DEF L.) and one of the hares was punished for misspelling Deaf's name.

Stunningly, there was still beer left over after the on on was over!

Anyhow, the Next run of the Guyana Hash House Harriers will be held on Saturday 12th November 2011, and will be Hared by Christine and crew!!!

See yall dere!!