Monday, September 29, 2008

RUN 576 - The Lusignan run

Run 576
Location: Lusignan Golf Course Road

Hares: Sperm Bank, Gypsy Bitch
Date: 27th September, 2008

Another good hot day in the sun ...

The Hash met outside the BHC at 3.00pm as usual, but did not leave for the run site until 3.40pm coz the hares decided that since the run was a short one, we did not need to be there so early.

A grand total of 11 persons turned up for the run (actually a walk) which started at the old Golf Course club house, went down the dam which continued at the end of the road, past the Prison, up a false trail on the GuySuCo dam, around the prison alongside the aromatic east coast garbage dump, into one of the young cane fields, to the end of the field, ending there in a false right by a canal.

Back to the check point, up the dam running alongside the Golf course on the other side (not the side with the road) past a big stack of firewood surrounded by earth to be burnt for road/dam works for GuySuCo, up close to the end of the Golf Course, then the Hares decided that it would be a good idea to take the hash through a drainage trench (not an irrigation canal) that was filled with the effluent from both the garbage dump and the prison!!!

Gypsy Bitch and FRPB in an effort to persuade the hash to cross, waded through the waist deep muck, and went across the golf Course back to the start of the run, while the rest of the Hash, yours truly included, backtracked all the way around to where the cars were parked.

After a few drinks at the clubhouse, the On On was held on the seawall in front of Industry (Gypsy Bitch's area), and a good time was had by all.

3 virgins were deflowered right there on the wall and The HM was punished for not going through the trench!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Run 575 - The Diamond Run

RUN 575
September 13th 2008

Hares: Front Running Paperless Bastard, ChopSuzuki
Location: Diamond Housing Scheme

Twas a grand day for Running in good old Georgetown, Guyana.

The sun shone brightly during the morning with the promise of more blistering heat to come.

Fortunately, the clouds had otherwise to say!!

At 3pm on Saturday 13th, the Hash met outside the BHC on main street. A wonderful total of 17 persons turned up (including the 2 hares). (The virgins outnumbering the experienced hashers by a margin of almost 3 to 1). At 3:20 wonders of wonders we were off, heading 8 miles out of town to the Diamond Housing scheme on the East Bank Of the Demerara River.

The turn off into the housing scheme was a little crowded with the ever present stalls selling everything under God's sun, then for the 2 mile drive down to the run site, right at the end of the scheme, bordering the GUYSUCO cane fields.

Along the Main dam that the trucks drive, for only a short distance, then it was into the brush and tall grass (across a small trench) along that dam for about 1/2 mile and then across the inevitable single plank wooden bridge (a much wider trench this time) and into the housing scheme.

This scheme is very big, and it is possible to get lost (thank goodness for the hares laying paper).
Fortunately, no one did get lost, and all made it out of this part of the housing scheme almost completely intact!! (Lauren did have her heels partially amputated by her shoes!!)

Across the main road to the southern part of the housing area, through more streets, across yet another ditch (more or less dry this time) and back onto the GUYSUCO dam, with the cars about 1/2 mile away.

On On was at Rum in Her Crack's place with her being absent until the very end!!

A special occasion, with Stephan Nglunkit getting his name after 7 years of coming and not coming to the Hash ... May "Eager Beaver" wear his name in perpetual good health!!!!

Afterwards, at Gypsy Bitch's suggestion, some of us ended up in a Chinese Karaoke Bar in Kitty ... how he finds these places I will never know!!

ON ON till next time

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Run 573 - The Industry Run

Date 26th July 2008
Hares: Rebel and AirBag Kisser

Location: Industry, East Coast Demerara.

3 pm at the BHC as usual, and you ever vigilant ever present Hash Master waited in vain for a crowd worthy of his presence!!!

A Grand total of Seven people turned up!!!!

Ahhh, Summer hols ..... Phooey!!

Anyway, Lady's Bitch took Swampy and wifey to go collect the food then to meet the rest of the hash at Industry in front of Gypsy Bitch's house. Of course, with only 2 possible roads to travel up the east coast, they got lost!!

Anyhooo, they finally turned up at the run site, and the Hash took off for a hectic walk!

Averaging about 3 miles an hour, (I saw snails passing us and laughing!!!), the hash wended it way through the streets of Industry, the nighbouring village of Ogle, then out to the seawall, with a short stop to climb a Koker (rusting and decrepit) thence along the new Rip-Rap seawall being built by BK int. back to Gypsy Bitch's place. Stopping long enough to imbibe two brews, we then took off for Lady's Bitch's place, where we got the guided tour of his bedrooms (4 of them), his well decorated living room(done by him!!) and his driveway(which shortly stank of beer).

The circle (skeletal as it was) was done in great good humour .. the Hares were punished for their contribution to the decadence befalling the Hash and got an 8 on the hash scale rating.

The rest of the evening passed by quietly, disturbed only by rumours of the formation of a new Political party to contest the upcoming 2011 elections ... The Members of the Mismanagement committee hereby deny any affiliation with this Party!!!! (unless there is lots of free beer of course!!)

Next run due date around the 9th of August, but no volunteer Hares as yet.

Please volunteer ... and look for the ads in the chronicle News paper for the Big Cari Fiasco Run coming up!!!

Contact the Hare line (Rebel) on:- 673-6534
Hash Master :- 619-7011
Gypsy Bitch :- 625-1500 or 690-8040

Bye for now ... more to come later!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Run 572: The Pig Shiggy Run

29 June 2008 at Timerhi
Hares: Gypsy Bitch, ChopSuzuki and Winston

The day dawned bright and rainy on Sunday, which probably accounted for the massive under attendance at this run, most hashers being made of Sugar and Salt!!

Anyway, the hash left the BHC at about 11.45 and drove up to the Timerhi race circuit, where a blistering hot SUN was shining, and proceeded to spend the rest of the day in said SUN!!!

A small mixup in instructions resulted in Tinky Winky getting lost on the in trail, and therefore the run itself started slightly late. ... What else is new!?!?!?!?!

Off we go with 2 new hashers, one an import (Friar Fuck) from Virginia.

Along slightly damp sand trails ... first off a nice false trail that all of the hash fell for except Friar Fuck!!

Easy running/ jogging/ walking all the way. Almost no bush worth talking about until close to the end, and even that was low down and still mostly sand, right up to the tiny, shallow little creek that ran along side of the PIG FARM!!!!

Crossing that creek was interesting... obviously this farm has been in existence for quite some time!!!!

Back up the hill, past Winston's place, where we stopped to climb a tree and pick a big, at, hhhhheeeeaaaavvy ripe Koa (Jak Fruit for the rest of the world). Carrying that was a B - - - -!!!

The run was about 35 - 40 minutes long and we got to the Fung-A-Fat farm in good order, had the circle done with, punished the sinner (Bridge Bouncer) for questioning the length of the 1/2 mile false trail, punished Airbag Kisser (nee Dog Trainer) for completing her final exams, and thence into the pool where frizbee and ball were played with great abandon for the next 4 hours in the sweet hot SUN.

The Last hasher left the Farm around 5pm (that being myself) following close behind the other 4 vehicles as the last rays of the setting SUN lighted the evening sky, and the parrots and parakeets flew overhead.

I hear the weather in G/town was rather wet that day.


The KOA or Jakfruit that we mentioned

See all the photos online at

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Run 570 - Uitvlugt

17 May 2008

Well, two weeks late and about 20 hashers short!!

Never mind , Bridge bouncer and son finally got their run in Uitvlugt over and done with!!

The Hashers turned up on a very overcast Saturday afternoon (1.30pm) in front of the BHC. With a Grand total of 15 persons including the hares, we were off , over the surprisingly well re tarred Georgetown Harbour Bridge, 22 kilometers to Uitvlugt Sugar Estate.

Parking in the Club compound ... around the back you damned hashers!!

After some consultation with the GM/RA, the hares decides to do the whole original trail, rather than the wimpy alternate trail that they had set, and the Hash was off, the whole group including the crew of 7 Russians (we have been missing you) ... at a rapid wwwaaaalllllkkkkk!!!

Down the road, past the tractor park, where our resident Ansa McAl rep. Birdy Num Num noted the large quantity of tractors that his company had supplied, and commented that he hoped that GuySuCo was maintaining them properly, so he wouldn't get any complaints.... ...Birdy ... your tractors are shite anyway!!!

Past the ghost town of a factory, closed down for out of crop maintenance, down to the back dam, and MUD!!


Finally a hash worthy of our time!

First off along a very muddy track along about 200 (empty) punts .. not the c word you!! Good going at a rapid walk, until you come to the false trail sign!!!!

Back to the Check, off onto a much better trail, the mud has pebbles in it!!
1 1/2 miles of straight muddy track!!!! Gaining weight with every step as GuySuCo mud tenaciously clung to our shoes.

Slogging along the canal, over the high wooden bridges, sliding down the opposite sides, we finally got to a TURN!!

Another 1/2 mile of straight muddy trail, then we find ourselves at the Old Leonora sugar factory ... nothing left there now except a large brick chimmney and a defunct cargo crane. Metal scavengers have been through this area very thoroughly. One of the Russians is seen using her cell on the trail (hah! punishments for you later my girl!!!).

Out along the track to the Main road, (Sperm Bank and a virgin hasher disappearing into the village, not to be seen again until the end of the run) across, past the Leonora Police Station, and up onto the sea wall.

Turning right on the wall, we proceed, heading East, past a little shrimping village .. no shrimp drying ... too wet, but the fantastic aroma!!!!

Up a koker, the view from the top was quite surprising!!

Back on the trail, now heading back South and then West, uneventful, easy walking ... perhaps too easy?

We get back to Uitvlugt Club at about 5.30pm after having spent over 2 hours on the trail, damp, muddy, but in good spirits!!

The two vanished hashers were at the club scarfing down our hard earned beers, along with Marco (DNR).

The rain started up about 15 minutes before we got in, adn it ended up being too cold and dark for anyone to go swimming, so we had the circle .. the run was given a 10 on the Hash scale.

Two virgins were dedflowered before the GM, the Hares were given their just desserts, and them, changing hats The Dreaded RA brought retribution down upon the Heads of the sinners ... glasses of straight xm rum, drunk on their knees without hands for the shortcutting bastards, standing shots of hot rum for the tech users (2) and for the one person whoo dared wear thier hat in the circle while the GM was conducting proceedings!!

Dinner, cooked by Claire, BridgeBouncer's wife (who by the way, was conspicuous by her absence from this affair!) was gobbled up, dominoes played and a good time was had by all!!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lethem Rodeo I - 22 hours in the back of a Bedford truck

GHHH road trip to the 2008 Lethem Easter Rodeo
Day One - 21 March 2008

2:00 a.m. - meet your home for the next five days.

Packing up.

4:00 a.m. - on the road at last! everyone comfy?

Dayclean while crossing the Demerara river at Linden.

Sun's up! Wakey, wakey!!

Breakfast of champions.

Grand Master Chop Suzuki prefers to drink the hard stuff.

Nine hours on the road and everyone's still happy.
Rum-in-her-crack ... what are you doing with your foot?

Long, Red Road

Long, Long, Red Road

Thirteen hours: Are we there yet?

Bedford surfing!

Poke-her-Honkas found dinner, an endangered red-foot tortoise.

It was yummy!!

Kurupukari at the Essequibo River; half-way!

Crossing the river to Michelle's Island.

What are they looking at?

Poke-her-Hontas, are you going to share your pictures with us?

The mighty Essequibo - view from Michelle's Island.
Hands off Fernando, this is Guyana!

Viewing the ferry from Michelle's island.
Suzukis fear him too!

1:00 a.m. 22 hours, a few pounds of laterite dust. Lethem at last.

Lethem Rodeo II - Live Hare Run at Moco Moco Hydropower dam

GHHH road trip to the 2008 Lethem Easter Rodeo
21 March 2008

Run 557 - Live Hare Run at the Moco Moco Hydropower Dam
Hares: ChopSuzuki and SpermBank

Cheap lodging, but better than the back of a Bedford truck.
Many thanks to the D’Aguiar family for their generous hospitality.

Looks like Bouncing Bikini and Poke-Her-Honkas had a pajama party!

Don't ask!

Liquid breakfast, again!

Back in the truck!

Give us we free!

Just like dogs, sticking their heads into the wind.

The village guarding the pass to Moco Moco

The gate doesn't even have a padlock!

Plaque commemorating the commissioning of the Moco Moco hydropower station in November 1999. The 0.50 megawatt was a US$3 million joint project of the Chinese and Guyana governments. The Chinese provided the engineering expertise and loaned the money for the project. The Chinese handed the facility over to the Lethem Power Company on 24 April 2003.

"Tag you're it!" Wait, that's a different game.

The tube on the left is the penstock (water conduit) for the hydropower facility. It is 644 meters (2113 feet) long. The pipes are 630 mm (2.0 feet) in diameter.

972 steps; we're almost there!

Made it! Note the missing section of tube. On 7 July 2003--ten weeks after the Chinese handed over the facility to Guyana--a landslide busted up the penstock and the hydro-electric power station has been out of commission ever since. Seems the engineers had not bothered to stabilize the slope before building the penstock. It never occurred to the Chinese engineers that torential rains (which are about as rare in Guyana as hot days) might cause landslide on these very steep and unstable slopes. Or maybe they handed it over because they did know it was about to bust???

Check out the view from the top!

Like I said, check out the view at the top!

Seeing double

Seeing double double

No wonder she's seeing double!

Chowing down on bar-b-que. Thanks to Paul's sister!!!

Grand Master wondering why he gets no respect.


Henry and his flashing sneaker take a bath.

Down, down.

Serious alcohol abuse!