Monday, July 23, 2012

Run # 640

Since it is said that one of the runs in Baganara cannot be counted as a run ... and I am still wondering why.  This week's run shall be counted as Run #640.

Location:      Vreed-en-Hoop
Hares:          Chewbacca, Manga Porn Star, Flaps Down
Time:           3pm
Hash Cash: $2,000

We will meet up at BHC at 3pm.
There is a bit for everyone in this run !!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Run # 639

After the lengthy weekend involving 4 hashes in 3 days we have rested enough to go at it again.  Its time we started thinking about the runs #650 and #666 as those will be important milestones in the GHHH.

BUT... HOWEVER... NEVERTHELESS... We have ourselves a Hash this weekend !!!

Location:        Industry or EBD or wherever these no nonsense hares carry us
Date:               Saturday, July 14, 2012
Meet at BHC: 3pm
Hares:              Gypsie Bitch, Manga Porn Star and Tall but Small
Hash Cash       Usual costs (2k) do apply. Ask questions if you're lost on any details.

Do not be late!!!
GCF if you are late you AGAIN will be penalised / punished / picked on (and all other words with P) !!!