Monday, December 19, 2011

The Last Hash of the Year!!!!!

Well another year of hashing has come and gone (sob!), and we are into Xmas shopping and mania.

The G2H3 would like to xtend greetings to all of you whoa have been hashing with us this year, and encourage you to come along next year January when we will be up and at em again.

Just to let you know, the Linden moonlight hash came off with a resounding "splat", leaving us with yet another in the red Linden Run.  Which makes 4 losing Linden runs in a row, leading me too believe that either Linden is cursed, or that hashers just dont like Linden.

Accordingly, we will not have any further Linden runs unless sufficient hashers pay for it up front.

On a much lighter note, somebody was mentioning a hash party .... now under normal circumstances, we would ask you to pay hash cash for said party, but the hash can afford to pay for the food, and we will ask you to bring in drinks (Rum/Vodka/Tequilla whatever) while we buy the beer.

 Next question would then be When and where?


Also, where are those hash pictures people?


Friday, December 9, 2011

"Moonlight" Hash #621 and "In-Dust-Trail Revisited" Hash #622

And the drinking group with a running problem found another excuse to do what they do best!! (Like we needed one!) As usual persons showed up late and we weren’t able to attract 1 single Hasher with a vehicle. So unaffected the 11 hashers took the bus up to Linden. The visitors took to their hotels and were ready to start.

Full Moon Hash #621 “Moonlight” Hash
The first GH³ Full Moon Hash was a hit even though it took the 16 hashers with torch lights over 2 hours to finish the trail in the moonlight. Through the village and a creek they went and Mouldy Ho almost made it a 'hash and a boxing match' with the bar-tender at the Beer-Stop; so there was lots of entertainment to say the least. The ON-IN was held at 1-koker where the RA+Acting GM carried the group through the ceremonial drinking - Hares got theirs, virgins deflowered and accusations made.
After little deliberation Chelsea Tibbs shall now be forever known as “FAT POKE”.
Having hashed half the night some continued drinking and some were too drunk to continue and some returned to the apartment just in time to have breakfast and start the “In-Dust-Trail Revisited” Hash (Not calling any names – ‘Rack’).

McKenzie Hash #622 "In-Dust-Trail Revisited"
The 11-person “walk” began not so promptly at 10:30am took over 2½ hours to complete going through the old aluminum plant, past creeks and we almost lost a few hashers in the sand pits but thankfully everyone made it back to Hairy Pussy & Fat Poke’s house for the ON-IN.
Once again and this time for the final time our beloved RA started the ON-IN and handed over to Hairy Pussy to handle the administrative issues and accusations. The Hash also had a few drinks to the Hash on its 22nd Birthday … cheers to the Hash !!!

There being no other business the hashers retired to the bus park to return to GT.

Friday, December 2, 2011

the next run

Please note that the next run of the GH3 will be held on Sunday the
4th NOT Saturday 3rd as was previously announced.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Just turn up with your hash cash ($2000) and your selves at the BHC on

main street at 2pm      NOTE: 2PM

and be prepared for an interesting run .... I hear things
about minibus and boat rides!!!

See Ya


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Next run is this weekend

The next run of the Guyana Hash House Harriers will be on Sunday November 20th 2011.

We will be meeting at the BHC at 1pm  yes 1pm, as the run will be up on the highway.
See you there


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Halloween Hash (Run # 617)

Well now the Halloween hash went off with a bang, despite the trail having been washed out by torrential rains the night before, causing the hares to panic, and go dashing off in all directions, sending a flurry of worried emails to yours truly asking if they should cancel the run!!!

We met up at the BHC at 2pm as was advertised with about 33 percent of those present in some form of costume, but this being guyana, did not leave there till 2.35.

Never mind ... most of the runners did end up at the Felicity sign, more of them in costume, and yes believe it or not we did start the run by 3.15.

The hares had to do last minute alterations to the trail, which resulted in it being a partial live hare run looping back upon itself, which allowed the latecomers to join the main pack midway thru the run. (hares claim the latter part of the trail was too muddy -- shame hares! this is the hash!)

All in all not a bad run for a 3 hour desperation setting!!

The hash bypassed the cars and ended up directly at the on on site, at which point things became interesting.

Two quick trips to get drives back for the vehicles, and we then settled down for an extremely well lubricated circle with lots of sinners, accusations and yes one naming.

During the circle one of the Linden Peace corps contingent who used to be known as Timothy Tibbs, was heard to say that there was just too much beer.  Now as any good hasher knows, it is not possible to have too much beer at any point in time anywhere.

Young master Tibbs was then told of his transgression, and the ever correct GM suggested that he be named for his sins.  After a voracious pack of hashers descended on the food and ate the hares out of house and home, the naming ceremony took place and young master Tibbs will forever be known as "
Hairy Pussy".

Deaf Lesbian said his fare thee wells to all, this being his last run  ... (you will be missed not DEF L.) and one of the hares was punished for misspelling Deaf's name.

Stunningly, there was still beer left over after the on on was over!

Anyhow, the Next run of the Guyana Hash House Harriers will be held on Saturday 12th November 2011, and will be Hared by Christine and crew!!!

See yall dere!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Costumed Halloween Hash (SUNDAY 30 October 2011) Run#616

Hashers!! Are you ready for the Costumed Halloween Hash?!?!

This hash run will take place on SUNDAY, October 30th!!
It will be planned and hosted by Dave Jones and Dustin Washburn and will feature the Felicity/LeRessouvenir/Grand Coastal areas on the East Coast.
WEAR A COSTUME or be subject to copious down-downs!!

This is DEF L’s LAST HASH in Georgetown!

Meet up at British High Commission at 2:00 PM sharp; bring a vehicle if possible.
On-In will be at the Felicity village sign @ 2:45 near the seawall just prior to Grand Coastal and beer-burgers, hotdogs, potato salad and other grilled foods will be the entrees.

All are welcome!!
Dustin Washburn

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Run No 615

Well, it's time for the Guyana Hash House Harriers to take a trip to da West Coast.

This hash run will be planned and hosted by Carrissa and Mark.

The trail is promised to be interesting and challenging...and maybe just a little bit tricky for you FRB's!

The On-In will be in Uitvlugt and home-made southern BBQ chicken will be
the entree for the meal (I have a grill and I know how to use it).

Anyone is welcome as long as they cum (who said cum?) prepared to have
a good time.

As always, a small token will be taken for costs of food
and refreshments.

Meet in front of the British High Commission at 2PM
Saturday, October 22nd.  Bring a vehicle if available.

Announcement!!!!   Just Tony will forever henceforth be known as "COCKY DOODLE DICK!!!"

ON ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last, T-shirts will be available for sale at $1,000.00 each, assorted sizes and colours, although most will be off white!!!! (yes I wore em!!)

pictures of the RED DRESS RUN are available on our facebook page

Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Annual Red Dress Run!


HARES: Moldy Ho, Deaf Lesbian, and Just Tony (but not for long)

WHEN:  Saturday October 8th at 3 PM

WHERE:  Out side of the British High Commission (on Main Street). Look for desperate wankers badgering hapless passer-bys for Banks.

HASH CASH:  $2000 includes drinks and food and a flash from Three Way Tramp.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Time to pull out that special red dress from the closet and join the rest of the Global Hash World with a RED DRESS RUN!  Now only in Guyana is it against the law for men to dress in women's clothing!!!.............So if that bothers you just wear something RED & Flashy.  So cumm (who said cumm) and join us for a fun run (stagger?) through Georgetown! Again, just to ensure you gaffing wankers understand, you must wear RED! If you don't wear RED, don't cum!


Now, let us discuss Hash Naming.  First thing we learn about hashing is that there are no rules but there are traditions.  Names are suppose to relate to the hasher being named.  Ideally it should be two words,  a name should roll off the tongue with a minimum of syllables. You don't want to be panting from chasing the frickin' FRB Hare and shouting "Hey, He Who Farts Like A Cow, where is the Beer Near?"

Here are some examples:

I was named for my job, I was working with mold = Moldy Ho

One can be named for something physical = Deaf Lesbian (he can tell you about the lesbian part!) 

Can be named for something on the hash:

Friend of mine always  rode his big hog motorcycle to the hash  = Hog StrattleHER

Another friend pass out on her first hash, stayed down on the ground with both hands clutching the grass = Field Tester

Can be name stemming from one's own name:

Had a friend Jay Lamb = EWE Fucker

You get the idea...

We will be naming Tony this week and what do we know about him...  He is: White, tall, American, member of US Peace Corps (hmmm just thought of a good one), teaches Physiology to nursing student in Linden and he is usually the FRB of the Georgetown H3.  Think we should be able to think of some good names that relate to Tony.

Thursday, September 22, 2011



This Saturday's run will not take place at 3pm as was previously announced, but instead we will MEET AT THE BHC AT 1.30PM. 




Monday, September 12, 2011

Run #613

Hey now, don't let it be said that the HM is not appreciative of hashers when they go out of their way to be helpful to the Hash!!

I am happy to give Iboibo the Shitty Trail award, with a hash rating of 7.5.

Ibo set the trail on Saturday morning all by himself, going thru dangerous territory, being chased by dogs and being threatened by the various inhabitants of deepest darkest Sophia.

We were pleasantly surprised to have a grand total of 30 hashers on this one, normally Saturday town runs are less than well attended!

Anyhooo, off we went happily running thru Prashad Nagar, blissfully unaware of all the hare had in store for us!!!   Yeah good sunshine, 2 beer stops expected and what was believed to be an easy run ahead.  YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!

After the first check point where most of the hash lost flour (yes the trail was set mostly with flour ... Bakewell we see why your bread is so small!!!!) things got progressively more difficult.

We ended up running a good half mile on rotted wooden planks, precariously perched atop thin cross pieces, the uprights of which were sunk deep in an unmentionable substance that had been sitting in place for a number of years, forming a deadly swamp.  Heavy people one at a time please!!

Then back out of the wood and concrete jungle and on to the East Coast Highway...... running along with the 100kph traffic coming up from behind us, one of the hashers, the soon to be named Andrew decides that it is safer to jump into a trench!!  (He claims he was looking for the trail!).

Then through Bel Air Village with the first beer stop being easily and eagerly sniffed out by thirsty hashers, and pillaged,  across Conversation Tree road, through Bel Air Gardens, out onto Sherriff Street, across into Subryanville, back around past Mae's School, onto Sherriff Street again, cross at he lights, then hang a left, past Kanuku Suites, and the 2nd beer stop,   On On in to Iboibo's place and a wild alcohol drenched hash circle.... downdowns with Vodka, 7 virgins deflowereed on Iboibo's driveway, 1 visitor welcomed, and the book was opened for Andrew's name.

Dinner (German's Grub  yum yum!) and more alcohol, followed by the solemn ceremony of the naming:- Andrew joins the ranks of the named and shall henceforth and forever be known as "Cookie Tossing Fucker"

Just by the way during the Santa Mission Hash, Marissa Hussein was named "Tree Way Tramp"  and Marcia Akeung was named "Chick With A Dick"

Further alcohol and the hash broke up because the Beer was done....horrors  who ws responsible for that debacle   Oh! Me!

Anyway, repairs to ibo's places are ongoing, something about barf eating the tiles .......

Take care all and recover intime for the next one on the 24th, hared by Terrence and Christine.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Santa Mission Hash and afterwards

Well as you may have noticed, the Santa Mission hash run #612 went off with a bang and plenty of barf!!

Pictures can be found on the following site:

Meanwhile, IboIbo has volunteered his services to set the next run which will be on Saturday 10th September 3pm at the BHC on Main St.

Be there!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After Run # 612

 All:  Great Hash at Santa Mission.  Kudos go out to the Hares but also special kudos to Chop Suzuki for all of his continued great work with the Hash and in particular for putting all of the logistics together for this Hash and all the others.

I have been hashing for close to 25 years and I can tell you that no Hash can survive on one person alone.  Chop continues to do a stellar job but he cannot keep this up as a one man team.  He needs everyone's support.  The GH3 requires a strong committee to succeed.  CHop can be the GM but he needs a Hash Cash, Hash Trash (someone to write up the stories, update the webpage, etc.), Hash Trail master (someone to sign people up in advance as Hares), Hash Haberdasher (get the shirts, etc), Hash Beermeister (get the food), Religious Advisor (we have that now), etc.

There is no need for me to ask people to volunteer.  You must do so on your own.  Once the Hash gains enough routine attendance and  enjoyment by all, it will be an honor to take on these roles and it will become competitive. This Hash was once at that level and could be getting back to it but the next step requires volunteers.  I cannot lie and say that I will volunteer bc I won't.  I work in two countries (here and Suriname) and thus cannot commit to that.  That said, as you all saw I am am more than willing to step in as Acting GM, ACting RA or whatever when needed when here. 

The time is now for people (Hashers) who love this Hash to step up. If all step up, the big job for one person become little jobs for many.

On a separate note, and as noted today, I have volunteered to Hare the next hash on Sat September 10 at my house in Prashad Nagar.  The problem is, I no longer have my Hash shoes (the only running shoes I own and my Hash shoes for the last ten years).   As such, before I lock in this next Hash, I need feedback from whomever who might know where my shoes ended up.  they were on the dock when we ended up back from the trip today but they were not loaded into my SUV.  If anyone has found my shoes or knows of their whereabouts it would be a big help.  Without them I am not  certain I can hare until I get new shoes which wont happen until late October if the shoes are gone for good. 

Welcome word back on my shoes and welcome volunteers to step forward and contact Chop about future assistance for one of the many positions open at this time.

Cheers, On On, iboibo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Santa Mission final update

Well the boat seems to be full to overflowing.....

The list of persons for the trip is as follows:

Tony Burden
Merissa Amin
"Moldy Ho"
Lavern Bakker
Abigail Jeffrey
Shamana  Munro
Vernon Waldron
Ronald Peters
Thandeeka Peters
Stanton Lewis
"Swamp" Urling  plus one
"Bambi" Urling
Shiv Dindyal
Tabitha Fairclough
Mark Pelham
Carissa Cartas
Belinda "Suck Me Suck Me" Gomes
Meghan Marshall
"Highway Doucher"
Dexter Sue
Shelana Junor
Lindsay Perlman
Emily Johnson
Lorraine Wong
Alysa Ciefla
Ashley Borree
Terrence Reid
Alex Riley

A grand total of 40 persons
Plus the GM and gm makes 42

20 confirmed names, and the boat paid for .... kool!

Huston we are go for launch

T minus 42 hours and counting


Santa mission update

One hour to go, and still not enough to make the boat costs

We currently have 15 confirmed names on the list and according to Nicholas and "Highway Doucher" the boat available can take 25-30 with luggage.

total estimated cost with a total of 21 persons is $4,500.00 per person

Cost of boat $45,000.00 no matter how many people go.

Landing fee of $200.00 per person at Santa Mission

Hash Cash of $2,500.00 per person

Let us know by email ( or phone ChopSuzuki  --  619-7011

Nicholas Frazer  ---  600-5028

Highway Doucher ---  698-6104

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Re: the Santa Mission Hash run No. 612

If you are still interested in going to Santa Mission, you will have to get your down payments to me at the Dr. Cheddi Jagan Dental Centre by Friday before 3pm.

We currently have 7 confirmed names on the list and according to Nicholas and "Highway Doucher" the boat available can take 25-30 with luggage.

Cost of boat $45,000.00 no matter how many people go.

Landing fee of $200.00 per person at Santa Mission

Hash Cash of $2,500.00 per person

Let us know by email ( or phone ChopSuzuki  --  619-7011

Nicholas Frazer  ---  600-5028

Highway Doucher ---  698-6104



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Hauraruni Run 6/4/2011

These were the images collected on the Hauraruni hash, up on the Linden-Soesdyke highway

dismal grey day but no real rain and over all a good run through the bush.

At the start ..... a house about 45 seconds away from the highway!

The HM does the necessary

 The beginning of the trail

on on

 Swampy all by his self    awwwwww!!!

 More of that wonderful stuff called BUSH
 Nicholas showing off the 5 o clock shadow that took 1 week to develop!!!!

Now swampy is no longer alone

At Hauraruni Creek after the run

At the creek,

The hares get their's.

numerous down downs were had

especially by the peace corps exvirgins

and others

some of course, not being warned about the rules of chugging, were doused!

some drank faster than they ever have before!

but took their punishment like MEN!!!!

New shoes were found on the feet of a virgin hasher!!

and they were christened!!!!

she took it like a good sport

The Grand Mattress and a poseur  

Pictures of the On On after run #611

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Santa Mission Hash Update

We may have to cancel or postpone the Santa Mission run .... only 5 people have brought in their down

payment and we are not sure of anybody until they pay.

with transportation costs being what they are, we will not do this run until we have at least a full boat load.

Its really not worth our while to carry in all of that stuff for 7 people


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The next run

Well some minor corrections to make re the next run.

Time:                         still 2.30pm at the BHC on Sat 20th
Location:                   Eccles
OnOn:                       Castellani House pool?  (bring your swimsuit just in case)
Grub:                         From the German's
Hash Cash:                $2000.00

Still if you are going to Santa Mission please bring in at least $2,500.00 as downpayment.



Sunday, August 14, 2011

The next run (#611) of that darn drinking club!!

The next run of the Georgetown Hash House Harriers (number 611) will be held on
August 20th 2011.

We will meet at the BHC at 2.30pm   NOTE THE TIME and we will leave
the BHC at 3 sharp.

Run will be in Nandi Park area, on on still to be determined.

If you plan on going to the Santa Mission Hash (number612), we are asking that you
bring a deposit of $2,500.00 to this run to book your name as certain.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The old hash trash

this is an example of what the hash trash used to look like before we went E.

What do you think, should we go back to it?

Let me know


The journal of the Georgetown Hash House Harriers “GH3”

“The drinking club with a running problem!”

Grand Master Ag.                                                  Hash Exchange        blank
Religious Adviser    Chop Suzuki                         Hash Dray        blank
Hash Haberdash    blank                                        Hash Cash         Rum in her Crack                               Hash Trash    Chop Suzuki                                    Song Master        Vacant
Hash (Xmas) Bash    blank                                    Hare Raiser        Rebel
Hash Nosh    Swampy                                           Without Portfolio        Gypsy Bitch
    (aka Clinton 227 0079)

Saturday 18th February 2006
Run Number :    524 ish    The pleasant walk (ya lazy bums)

The Hares were Helen “makes me fart” Jenkinson, and Trevor "Front running paperless bastard" Smithet
with a grand total of 18 runners (stretching it a bit).

Well The second run of the year is over and done with, and shame on all of you hashers who were just too lazy to get your butts off your sofas and did not turn up .

Started off from Makes me fart’s place in Lamaha Gardens at around 3.45pm

It was a leisurely stroll around the back of Lamaha Gardens, into Sophia past the water pump, and into the squatting area.  Past Mercy wings home/school, back around to the Sophia Main road (which runs up to UG) back through Lamaha Gardens  to Helen’s place.

All in all for a rush job, it was a good one, and got a score of 8.1 for dedication and effort, Helen having been out as usual til the Wednesday before.


The next run will be on Saturday March 4th, and Hares will be Swampy and Co.  3.00pm at the BHC



T-shirts – New shirt design to be available soon. Adults G$ 1200, Child G$ 700
There are still a few children’s t-shirts left in the old design.

Other Hash news and events:

Regional Hash 2006, Parmaribo, Suriname?

We are also looking for volunteers to take over Hash positions from some of
those who have left. If you are able to help, please speak to any upright MISMANAGEMENT COMMITEE member. The need for volunteers is critical.
Articles for the Trash – details for the next few runs, appeals for help,
photographs of special Hash moments, maps to run sites etc – are welcome. Please
get them to the scribe a few days before the next run.

Hares needed! No Hares, no runs. Contact Rebel (Nadira) @ 226 5881, or 265-5870

We are trying to update our hash list, so please if you have a new phone number or e-mail address let us know.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Next Run #609

Run number 609 of the Guyana HHH will be held on Saturday 23rd July at 3pm.

Meeting outside of the BHC as usual.  This run will be subsidized to a cost of $1,000.00 per person hash cash.

Hares will be Gypsy Bitch and crew.

Say Hallelooooyah and pass the mustard!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

theh next run

Our next run will be this Sunday (10th July) and we will be meeting outside of the British High Commission at 3pm.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Linden Runs

"Where, oh where were you last week? 
Why did you make us hash all alone?
You fat, lazy bastards, you weren't even here. 
So we fucked all the virgins and drank all the beer!"
-Newly learned Hash song, courtesy of Moldy Ho.

Last Hash, Peace Corps volunteers rolled out in force for two Shitty
Linden trails! Behold, pictures of all the fun that most of you (no,
not you Deaf Lesbian and Hash Hoochie) missed!

Saturday's trail, N-Dust-Trail, had us up and down sand pits, slogging
through muddy, swampy, flatlands, ducking under bushes on a never
ending horse trail, clambering over two rickety wooden bridges and
sneaking our way under the rusty, monolithic, long forgotten and
abandoned aluminum factory. All with shots of RUM along the way. On

After a killer On On, where Moldy Ho led us in an array of filthy new
Hash songs we debauched through the night and woke to breakfast and
then hit Sunday's trail, Hangover Hill. 

True to its name, the trail was up and down sand hills, canyons, valleys and more
freakin sand hills. 

Although that trail was shorter, it required more endurance.
think we may have even seen Suckme Suckme sitting down on trail, that Sinner! 
Even our fearless leader, ChopSuzuki fell for some evil false trails and looked a wee bit haggard at the On on.

Monday, July 4, 2011

After one long run and one gruelling one in Linden we are now ready for another...

  Rambo and Swampy have volunteered to set and it will be this weekend (9th or 10th) July 2011

I will get back to you by wednesday with all the necessary info.

See you soon

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How To Set a Hash Run

Whilst setting a hash is similar the world over, there are local variations caused by a) where the originator of the particular kennel first started hashing, b) financial considerations, c) local customs, d) litter laws (how well they are enforced) e) terrain.

Here in Guyana, the Hash uses Shredded Paper (usually US embassy secrets, but sometimes UK High Commission secrets, and of late GUYSUCO secrets   ....  they really don't want people to know how they are wasting the money!), although flour may be used if the trail is mostly on road.  During wet season, the flour washes away, and in the bush, insects eat it, and the colour is normally too close to the colour of the surrounding sand.

In Georgetown and it's environs, a small amount of paper (half a handful) every other lantern post or even every 200 yards will suffice to mark trail.  Outside of G/T more paper should be used, since people tend to believe we are working black magic on them when they see us laying the paper, and tend to shift it.  Kids also have a habit of playing with the shreddies.

A single pile of paper indicates the trail for the hounds to follow, and as long as paper is laid at decent intervals and not too well hidden, the hashers will find and follow it.

Check points:  two piles of paper laid side by side will indicate a check point.  Check points a) make the trail more interesting b) cruel, c) evil, d) fun, e) and allow the tail enders to do some catching up. 

Hares (those setting the run) should always indicate beforehand the number of people who must reach the check point, before the hashers are allowed to continue on .. note hares do not count in that number, they are not persons!!  Under normal circumstances 7 - 10 is a good number.  However, when in Jungle terrain, it is always better to increase the number.  The more people on the hash, the more it spreads out  .... the tail enders have been known to come on in about 1/2 hr after the front runners!!, so the more hashers, the more false trails, the better.

After the check point it is customary to have 2 or more trails going off in differing directions, with the first pile of paper being placed anywhere within 300yds of the check point.  Hashers are encouraged to call out "On On" when they encounter the paper piles.  this is especially important in bush since we run a very real risk of getting lost in unfamiliar territory.

Tit Check:  normally a circle of paper with a central dot, indicating that female members of the hash should go checking for the trail, whilst the men lounge around and watch the rear view of said female members as they go.

Dick Check:  a newly suggested check point that currently does not have a sign, where the male members must go look for trail.

The False Trail:  the false trail is any trail that is not the real one.  A false trail can be of any length (some have been 1 mile long), but must be clearly marked at its end by a false trail sign.

The False Trail Sign:  this is three piles of paper arranged in a triangle.  more paper is usually used for this sign than normal.  At the false trail sign hashers are supposed to call "False Trail" and return to the point where the check point was seen.

A hash trail can be of almost any length, but most commonly is between 3 and 7 miles long (including the false trails), although we have have a few 10 and 12 milers.
The trail may also be of any shape, circle and square being the most common.  Care must be taken to ensure that if the trail crisscrosses, there is no confusion between the on trail and the back trail.

In areas of agriculture, the trail should be kept away from plant beds, no matter how over grown they look ... those bushes might be food!!

A local guide is usually very useful if you are setting a trail in jungle that you don't know.  they may be able to make suggestions that will make the run more interesting (Chinese style interesting).

FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS:  The hash normally asks $2,000.00 for a town (G/T) run and more for out of town runs.  In most cases $2,500.00 is sufficient for an out of town run, but these costs are calculated on a 25 runner hash, with food from German's Restaurant (we have an arrangement  ... $15,000.00 for food), and a maximum of $35,000.00 for drinks, ice, plates, cups etc.

Food costs vary according to location, but in most cases should not exceed $15,000.00.

Beers, the life blood of the hash (Banks) can be purchased from any wholesaler, and the hash has a supply of bottles that is used to exchange ... regular Banks bottles are recycled and a deposit is paid when you purchase beer without the bottles.

Please ensure that all regular banks beer bottles are returned to the Dicktator.

The normal meeting place for the G/T hash is in front of the British High Commission as being the most central point for every one (but mainly because the first Guyana hashers were British!!!).
Time of meeting depends mainly of where the run will be held.  The further away it is, the earlier the meeting.

Of late, most hashes have been held on Sunday, because most of the local hashers work on Saturdays, but this is not set in stone, only as a convenience.

Note: a new hare will usually be paired with a veteran hare.  Again not set in stone, but it works out better since the vet knows how to set trail, and the newbie may have new trail ideas/locations.

Now that you have been given the salient points about setting a hash run, get out there, volunteer and set one!!!!



Monday, June 6, 2011

Run #605 Merissa's nightmare

Well, everybody's clothes survived Merissa's onslaught more or less, and everybody got to the on on intact...  yay hash!

  picture for this post would be appreciated, since the Dictator did not go on this run, sending the grand mattress in his stead.

New virgins were deflowered and sinners duly punished.

Note: Sumintra Brown has been rechristened (run #604) and now and forever shall be known to the hashing world as "Turtle Cum"

Sonia Singh completed her 11th (run #605) and was named Highway Doucher  (almost got Douche Baggette  ....  so close!!)

The next run will be up in Linden, hosted by the Linden branch of the peace corps.

2 weeks saturday  meet at the BHC pm    details to follow.


Deaf Lesbian's contributions

Deaf Lesbian has kindly given us these pictures to add to our collection.

The first is of a prat who decided to show us what a great artist he was, on the side of the bus that took us to Omai.  Obviously by the way he spelt deaf he was dyslexic!!!!
The second I am not sure about.  Does anyone recognise that face?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well now, after a moderately successful Vodka till I die hash, with the grand mattress providing the mobile drink stops, and then everyone stumbling into the GM's place in one piece, after which everyone then proceeded to get seriously plastered .. sinners for shortcutting, new shoes (drank out of em), front running and rear enders were doused virgins were deflowered and otherwise debauched.

Good now that you have recovered enough to read this message ..... IMPORTANT CORRECTION!!!! ....



 will meet at 1:30pm in front of the BHC on Saturday, June 4. Please note we will LEAVE AT 2pm! This means frickin' LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE at 2pm! Not 2:01 nor 2:05 nor 2:30! Hash Cash will be  $2,500.00. Trail will be shiggy. You don't know what "shiggy" means? What a bunch of wankers!  Bring change of clothes to replace those shredded to pieces by a screaming and flailing Merissa who will terrorize all who had the misfortune to cross her path that day. On In will take place in a creek infested by caimans  AND Labaria . Shotguns recommended.

And, now, a word from our sponsor:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Run No: 604 A Rum Till I Die episode

Well now that you have suffered through the trials and tribulations of the Linden run, it is now time for a reward (if you want to call it that!!).

 The next run of the Guyana Hash House Harriers will be held this weekend Sunday 22nd May 2011.

Meeting at the British High Commission  on Main Street at 3pm.  From there we will go where ever the booze
takes us   .... not forgetting the shredded paper and the pink elephants!!

Hash Cash is $2,000.00 and we expect you to bring a partner or a friend, failing which, bring an enemy since after this run your friends and partners may well become enemies anyhow!!  Har Har Har!!

See you through the bottom of your glass

The dread Hash Dictator


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Linden Hash Run May 14th!

Hello Everyone!

The Hash is set for Saturday Morning 9 am meet at the British High Commission. From there we will travel to Linden for a One Day Run, accommodations is being checked for those who wish to stay in Linden overnight. Transportation will be arranged for those who do not or cannot find a seat for the trip out. The hash cash is two thousand Guyana dollars. For those needing to use the bus we can work out the details of the cost between the passengers.

If anyone has questions please call me at 600-7386.

Hope to see you there!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

History of Hash House Harriers

Run # 601 The Ministry of Education Cricket Grounds, March 27th 2011

Thanks to the Hares Allen (Deaf Lesbian) and Nicolas we got a tour of Georgetown. The Hash began at 4pm after welcoming some new members and out of town visitors. Beginning at the British High Commission the streets of Georgetown offered many false leads. One joyful twist to the run was the adoption of 'women only' searches for false trails. This devious policy was introduced by Deaf Lesbian, and idea born from a different hash house, nevertheless enthusiastically accepted by the men of GHHH. The run took us through Georgetown, the ever so lovely Lamaha Canal, Thomas Lands, a brief respite at the seawall and then onto the cricket grounds

 What happens after at the end of Hash?!



Friday, February 25, 2011

Run # 596 The Jardim's place, Timerhi Jan 15th 2011

Well now we finally have the pictures for the second run of the year!!!  Thanks Jessica (finally)!!

the Hash met at the British High Commission at about 9.30 in the am and after some waiting headed off into the wild  green yonder!

After a couple of breakdowns and persons losing themselves on the perfectly straight road, we finally got up to Joe and Christine's place around 11am.

So here we have this miscellaneous group of assorted perambulators, joggers and runners just sort of hanging around.
 Seem to be a bunch of them doing unusual things...
hhmmmmm maybe he took a dump and some else is burying it?

 The Virgins gathered to receive instructions

from the great and feared Hash Master "ChopSuzuki"

And off we go!
Clustered at first, that soon changes as the walkers
rapidly drop behind,
 and the first burst of energy takes the virgins off up the trail. (or down)

The first part of the run was along good, firm, open, sand covered roads or trails as you may call them (we do).

 The hot bright sun blazing down on us poor suffering hashers makes us wonder  "are we insane to be out here?"  ...  but as the saying goes "no one but mad dogs, Englishmen and Hashers out in the noon day sun"

Welcome to the hash people. "cor its hot"

calls for cool shade from sweaty people abound .... but relief is in sight:

A creek .. "ohhhh cold!" are the screams heard as the hashers traverse the slow flowing red(black) water creek

 Two virgins reveling in the cool water!

While others hurry to get out

and put on their shoes

 some wait, for the rest of the pack
 who slog on through, with help from friends

"aahhhhh dry land at last!"

"Yes you do look a bit damp!"

ONON! On in!

And then back onto the trail again

" hello what happened back there?"

"It wasn't me!"

trash and all

 Living on the edge!!
 "WHERE does the trail go?"
 OH there.

"Once you begin, it is a slippery slope you tread"


Going down!

a little too fast

 told ya

Sumintra makes her way down

 the last lap

 Back near the race circuit

and onto the home trail

Meanwhile, back at the ONON, the GM deals with names and accounts!!

while the front runners "Buss a Lime!"

This was a good crop of  fresh plucked virgins

and the GM does his conductor thing

and the virgins drink

"Go West young man "
(in other words, "get your butt into the centre!")

 Sinners got  a shot (double of course) of frozen vodka  Yay Ivanoff!!

And the hares are finally caught  ..  Suckstache and Rubber Duckie

What's this drinking water?  ... sacrilege!!!

now what is that hare cooking up?

Here we have a good view of "Banks, the beer of Guyana".!!
 along with a motley bunch of hashers  middle guy Wes Feaver is our new IT go to guy.


The original Jardim swimming hole in the ground great for whirlpool action

The view from above of the "OOL" (notice no "P" in it!!)