Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Next run of the G/T HHH

Well, as of this morning we no longer have a run this afternoon!!!!

Yes, I guess this run was just not meant to be.

First of all, Bank Cock texted me last week to say that she was busy with work related matters ... like that really matters....  the hash rules are

1) "Thou shalt have no other activity in front of the Hash"
2)  "The R. A. is always right"
3) " In case of R. A. error, see 2)
4) " There are no rules"

Then believe it or not, The main hare calls me up today and calls it off because "it is too wwww wet and cccccc cold and we (the hares) dont want to go out in the rain to set the run".  Too much traffic in the area, mud, water, etc.  (In Kingston and along the seawall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now, as good, vigorous, healthy, horny, raucous hashers should know, the hash goes on in any weather
and on or in any terrain.

In other words, no matter what, there should be a hash when scheduled.  Yes we know gone are the days when we had 50 mud-to-the-waist hashers doing down-downs in Palm Court, after having run in slush behind New Hope backdam, or swimming GuySuCo Trenches/Canals!  But come on people, a little rain????!!!!????

Shameful!!!  Our dear departed R.A. is sure to be turning over in her grave (oops sorry Moldy!) Our R. A. in training is sure to have something to say about that!!!!

Anyhow, first of all, the run has been put off until next week Saturday i.e. Feb 04 2012 at 3pm in front of the BHC.  Therefore Bank Cock no longer has an excuse for not setting the run with the other hares!

Next, those of you who read this blog but are not on the email list, please let us have your addy's and we will keep you up to date.

According to sources, the run after next will be hared by King Solo. Jr. on Sat. 11th 2012.  We hope so, our hare line is looking a bit sparse ... maybe I should go out and buy a wig!

Remember you can volunteer to set a run at anytime and in any place as long as we have time to work out the logistics of transporting the beer to site ... (food is if little importance) does anyone want to give and Easter Rodeo Hash another try?  Spermbank should be a useful hare considering that the last time he set a hash was Easter 2008!!

Now, about the last run.

As you may remember, our last installment of the GHHH was on Sunday 15th Jan at 10am.

The hashers as usual turned up at the BHC between 10 and 11, which meant that Yes we were late!!

Never mind .. we had a pretty good turn out there of about 34 hashers, which grew by the time we got up to the Highway Junction.

The G. M. set a nice simple trail that started at the back of Garib Farms and after about 10 mins of scrub and brush running, ended up on sand trails and then the circuit roads, all the way to The Jardim's place.

Now we ask that persons coming to the hash let us know so we can plan on food and drinks .. what we started off with was about 39, what we ended up with was 52.  Now considering that we catered for 40, it means that by the time the down downs were done, we were short on beer, and the food, well the less said the better.

All in all though, a very successful run both financially, and in terms of the hashy scale (7.5)  not bad for a quickly thrown together thingy by one person!

Jason and Tabitha got named:

Jason, despite the fact that he did not quite make the requisite runs, was leaving, so this being his home kennel, he got a name   .. despite the fact that he is a malariologist etc got the name "First to Cum"  coz he is a front runner ... or is that really the reason?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Tabitha was named (despite the rumour that she was responsible for the medevacing of her boyfriend with a terrible awful horrendous flesh and brain rotting disease!!!!!!,) "Cat in Heat"..... hhmmmmm!!!  Does somebody know something that I dont?

After all necessary persons were deposited in the OOL, including those who had sprung leaks and were trying to avoid being wet ....  no excuse .. it's red water anyhow!!!!!!!!

This being the first run of the year, hares for the nest run were volunteered by the GM  .... Terrence Reid, Bank Cock, and one other nameless person (at the moment anyhow).

Next installment of this Hash Trash hopefully next week after (if?) we survive whatever the hares throw at us.


Monday, January 2, 2012

THE FIRST HASH OF 2012 Happy New Year

Happy New year to one and all!!!

This year, the G2H3 (Georgetown, Guyana Hash House Harriers) hope to have a smashing year..... only the hashers can make it so!!

Now backing up a bit to last year ...  .... ..... The hash party was a reasonable success, Thanks to Swampy's house and pool, Apple Bottom Bitch's cooking and ChopSuzuki's BBQ skills      oh and a little help from  BOOZE!!!  We were somewhat disappointed by the fact that less than 1/4 of the current hash numbers showed up, and even more disappointed by the fact that so few hashers brought bottles along.  (And there I was hoping that the hash would not have to buy and vodka or rum for at least 3 months!!)

Ah well, Que Sera, Sera!

A good time was had by all (well almost all).  For some reason, despite the email going out to say hashers only, a number of persons did bring guests, (who did not bring bottles!!)  and obviously said guests were not told about the Hash, or the fact that the party was a pool party!!  We had persons turning up in short gold Lame dresses with 4 inch heels and other bits and pieces (without bottles)!!

Others turned up without swimsuits, others brought swimsuits, but never got into the ool (notice there is no "P" in that or at least we hoped not!!!) Well, some people came wet, some became wet and others had wetness thrust upon them!!!! Hi Rosie the Rack!!!

All in all a moderately resounding success!!!!

Now back to the important stuff    Fast forward to the distant future .... ... .. The Guyana Suriname Hash tie up will take place in  Mid March of this year (that is 16-17th March 2012).  Hashers who wish to attend, should visit the Suriname Embassy to obtain Visas and if you are driving across, get Suriname insurance from local insurance companies.

We will definitely need to know numbers for this hash, since hotel accommodation and food have to be dealt with.  In this situation, money needs to be paid up front, so that you can be booked in.
Iboibo, Nicholas Frazer and Highway Doucher are currently in Suriname checking out the trail possibilities, accommodations and misc. costs.

I believe that a lump sum payment that includes all transportation (unless you are driving across) accommodation and food (and booze maybe) will be levied.  Information to be published at a later date.

Now Back To The Present The first run of the Guyana Hash will be held Sunday January 15th,  9am at the will be a all day hangout up on the Highway.  Further details to come

HOPING TO SEE YOU ALL THERE, and it would be nice to know how many of you will be along.

Drivers, please turn up with your transp, even if only a motobike!