Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michel Desloover aka Ibo Ibo's Special Going Away Hash Weekend from September 29 - 30

Special Hash Weekend.

Meeting Spot:    British High Commission @ 1pm
Departure time:  2pm
Hash Cash:        $7,000 / $9,000
Payment due:     September 21, 2012 (Chop, Flaps or Yap)

List of persons who have indicated their participation; you need to make contact with Chop Suzuki, Flaps Down or Yap Jack before Friday September 21, 2012 with a down payment of GYD$4,000.  The rest $3,000 (no room) or $5,000 (room) can be paid on Saturday Sept. 29 at the BHC.

1 Latchmi Yap Jack S
2 Nick Fraser (FD) (hare) XL
3 Navin  (Hare) L
4 5$ Suckee Suckee (hare) M
5 Shiv (hare) L
6 Gibsey (B) (hare) XL
7 Gibsey (B) Wife M
8 Michel  (Ibo Ibo) XXL
9 Trinidad
10 Serge Nadeau XXL
11 Marcia Mcklmon S
12 Sharon Lachmansingh M
13 Alex Reliey  L
14 Iron Lady (Trinidad) M
15 Iron Lady (Trinidad) Husband XXL
16 Sonia  S
17 Radiante Frank CP (pd Nick) S
18 Roselyn Sewcharran M
19 Damion Doorgen M
20 Dexter Sue XXL
21 Terrence Reid  L
22 Mark Pelam XL
23 Robbie Robinson L
24 Oriane Rosenthol M
25 Suemayah S
26 Ryan Brooks L
27 Jose Reyman M
28 Andrew Rodrigues L
29 Ornalas Joel XL
30 Matthew Fontenelle XL
31 Sean S. Jodhan M
32 Tera Persaud M
33 Timothy Griffith M

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Run # 642


Meet at the BHC for 3pm
Hares:               Chop Suzuki & Rum in her Crack
Hash Location:  East Coast of Demerara
Hash Cash:        $2,000

This promises to be one for the books with the wealth of experience in the Hares.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Run # 641 Aug 18, 2012

Hares doing the Chalk Talk
Run # 641 at Splashmins resort officially was the last shiggy trail ibo ibo set with us the GH3.  That doesn't mean that he won't be called on "unofficially" to do some setting.  Other hares included $5 Suckee Suckee, Power Serge and No F*%# Name Roger.

Inaugural Hash Bolt
The Hash Facebooker put the wrong time on the blog and persons didn't show-up at 12 noon as was indicated by Ibo Ibo.  Instead we had a trickle of hashers arriving at all hours even directly to Ashmin's Fun Park and Resort just as we were about to have the Chalk Talk.

"Just Debora" leads the walkers
A new aspect of the GH3 was added the Hash Bolt (Manga Porn Star's idea), which goes to the pisspot who thinks the world of his/her talents and tries relentlessly to be first to the end of the trail. Just James wore the inaugural run of the Hash Cape.

"Just Deborah" was on the walkers trail and decided that since she saw the end of the trail that she would race to the end and win.  She was adorned with the Bolt Cape.

Anywho the run was very good (8.9) and the grub was more than enough for the 40+ hashers.

At the naming Ceremony:
Pictures courtesy of Yap Jack
Oriane Rosenthal calls herself "My face is up here"
Gus Ortiz was named "Spontaneous CUMbustion"
Teshanna Sue-Cox is "Cabbage Patch Dangles"
Krystal Rampersad from now on is "Trini Coconuts"
And Deborah Nurse will be known as "Cougar Bitch"