Saturday, June 23, 2007

Run 553 - Mocha/Arcadia Mud Slog

Run 553 - Mocha/Arcadia Mud Slog.
Hares = Sword Swallower, Birdy Num Num, and Sword Swallower's cousin. (What happened to Easy Bitch and Bambi?)
False Trail:

False Muddy Trail:

Muddy Trail:

Muddy Trail:

Airbag Kisser doesn't just kiss airbags!

Shouldn't the big guy go last?

Washing their shoes?

Back to the mud:

Those Americans are really gullible! Who would set a trail through a cane field?

So gullible they fell for it a second time:

Chop Suzuki had to go find them:


More Mud:

Choose your favorite caption:
"Misbehave on the trail and the Hare will whack you with a stick!" or
"And she wonders why she got the name Sword Swallower?"

More Mud:

Still More Mud:

Muddy Grass!

Birdy Num Num's beautiful legs:

Sword Swallower thinking about giving Birdy Num Num a bath:

Six real Virgins and two who never did it in Guyana before:

Sword Swallower gets her name:

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