Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Acres-Chateau Margot Mud Slog

Run 554 - Happy Acres/Chateau Margot Mud Slog aka the Solomon Islands Independence Day Run.
Hares = Chop Suzuki and Swampy.

was a run like Nine Lives used to set way back when!
But the wind and rain were so strong that I didn't get pictures of the really good parts.
Every Hash must cross a trench:

Climbing fences is also good form:

As y'all know by now, mud is mandatory:

There was plenty of wind and rain, too.
Check out how the trees are blowin:

Swampy lost his shoes, but found them in the muck. I wasn't so lucky.

What's so tricky about this?

Where did his legs go?

Finally, sunshine for the On In:

The On On was poolside with plenty of swimsuit models, hamburgers, swimsuit models, hotdogs, swimsuit models, and chili. You shoulda been there!

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