Saturday, July 30, 2005


Now since your everloving Hash Master and religious advisor was not present for this particular run, I will not be able to give adequate comments and descriptions of the activities seen in these images. Some are self explanatory, I will try to create an explanation for those more outrageous ones, and the rest I will leave to your imaginations.

Every one knows that you can't go anywhere on the rivers without your life jackets, especially if you are going to a hash.

On the River, a 45 min to one hour fifteen minute trip, depending on the roughness, and the size of the jet engine being used.

Of course, this being Guyana, they use the biggest possible if allowed!!

Now for some extremely strange reason, there were no pictures of the actual run with this lot, so if anyone having a look at this blog does have a couple, please either post em or send them to me via email.

After a hard (I am supposing) and strenuous run the tired hashers retire to a well deserved (again supposing) Banks in the luxurious accommodations provided by Barakara Resort!.

Now notable in this picture far left : Fleur, third from left : "Shoe Bandit", and far right "Do you want my cherry?"

Hmmmm they seem to be feeling a bit cold!

Then again maybe not.

And see the lazy gits in the recliners!!

A sight not too often seen on a hash or at an ONON .. people don't normally bend that far over.

Ahh!!! Finally somes signs of the ON ON!!
Pat "RIDE IT BABY" Morfitt and friend get a well deserved down down for being hares!
Plus a plethora of deflowered virgins swigging our precious brew!!

while the acting Hash Master "G-String" directs the proceedings.

And then came the sinners!!! Now most of these sinners are veterans....they all know the rules ... so I think they just wanted more free beer!!

And of course the food..... and the party after!!

..... followed by

The dreaded Morning After!!!!!!

ON ON Keep on hashing!!!!

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