Saturday, October 29, 2005

Run 514 - Halloween Hash 2005

Well this is one of those historical posts... the hash back when!! Run Number 514

Outside of the High Commission .. waiting ... it's a dogs life!!!!!

You know we wonder where we would be without the Americans protecting the Hash at all times!!

And here we have one of Gypsy Bitch without his makeup, along with the then Dog Trainer (now Air Bag Kisser)Here we go, off into the wild blue yonder ... totally unfettered and free!!!!!
Led by the greatly revered Religious Advisor and all around Tyrant ChopSuzuki and his sidekick (literally) AntiChrist

And of course the obligatory vehicle bearing drinks watering hole in the background, thanks be to DDL 5yr old!!!

Here we have Transvestite Lover lugging along the afore mentioned dog. :-)

ShoeBandit and Rum in Her Crack make it safely across the dangerous extremely busy road, closely followed by ChokoMaki and Rohan

Well thththththats all folks

more to come

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