Sunday, June 29, 2008

Run 572: The Pig Shiggy Run

29 June 2008 at Timerhi
Hares: Gypsy Bitch, ChopSuzuki and Winston

The day dawned bright and rainy on Sunday, which probably accounted for the massive under attendance at this run, most hashers being made of Sugar and Salt!!

Anyway, the hash left the BHC at about 11.45 and drove up to the Timerhi race circuit, where a blistering hot SUN was shining, and proceeded to spend the rest of the day in said SUN!!!

A small mixup in instructions resulted in Tinky Winky getting lost on the in trail, and therefore the run itself started slightly late. ... What else is new!?!?!?!?!

Off we go with 2 new hashers, one an import (Friar Fuck) from Virginia.

Along slightly damp sand trails ... first off a nice false trail that all of the hash fell for except Friar Fuck!!

Easy running/ jogging/ walking all the way. Almost no bush worth talking about until close to the end, and even that was low down and still mostly sand, right up to the tiny, shallow little creek that ran along side of the PIG FARM!!!!

Crossing that creek was interesting... obviously this farm has been in existence for quite some time!!!!

Back up the hill, past Winston's place, where we stopped to climb a tree and pick a big, at, hhhhheeeeaaaavvy ripe Koa (Jak Fruit for the rest of the world). Carrying that was a B - - - -!!!

The run was about 35 - 40 minutes long and we got to the Fung-A-Fat farm in good order, had the circle done with, punished the sinner (Bridge Bouncer) for questioning the length of the 1/2 mile false trail, punished Airbag Kisser (nee Dog Trainer) for completing her final exams, and thence into the pool where frizbee and ball were played with great abandon for the next 4 hours in the sweet hot SUN.

The Last hasher left the Farm around 5pm (that being myself) following close behind the other 4 vehicles as the last rays of the setting SUN lighted the evening sky, and the parrots and parakeets flew overhead.

I hear the weather in G/town was rather wet that day.


The KOA or Jakfruit that we mentioned

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