Saturday, September 13, 2008

Run 575 - The Diamond Run

RUN 575
September 13th 2008

Hares: Front Running Paperless Bastard, ChopSuzuki
Location: Diamond Housing Scheme

Twas a grand day for Running in good old Georgetown, Guyana.

The sun shone brightly during the morning with the promise of more blistering heat to come.

Fortunately, the clouds had otherwise to say!!

At 3pm on Saturday 13th, the Hash met outside the BHC on main street. A wonderful total of 17 persons turned up (including the 2 hares). (The virgins outnumbering the experienced hashers by a margin of almost 3 to 1). At 3:20 wonders of wonders we were off, heading 8 miles out of town to the Diamond Housing scheme on the East Bank Of the Demerara River.

The turn off into the housing scheme was a little crowded with the ever present stalls selling everything under God's sun, then for the 2 mile drive down to the run site, right at the end of the scheme, bordering the GUYSUCO cane fields.

Along the Main dam that the trucks drive, for only a short distance, then it was into the brush and tall grass (across a small trench) along that dam for about 1/2 mile and then across the inevitable single plank wooden bridge (a much wider trench this time) and into the housing scheme.

This scheme is very big, and it is possible to get lost (thank goodness for the hares laying paper).
Fortunately, no one did get lost, and all made it out of this part of the housing scheme almost completely intact!! (Lauren did have her heels partially amputated by her shoes!!)

Across the main road to the southern part of the housing area, through more streets, across yet another ditch (more or less dry this time) and back onto the GUYSUCO dam, with the cars about 1/2 mile away.

On On was at Rum in Her Crack's place with her being absent until the very end!!

A special occasion, with Stephan Nglunkit getting his name after 7 years of coming and not coming to the Hash ... May "Eager Beaver" wear his name in perpetual good health!!!!

Afterwards, at Gypsy Bitch's suggestion, some of us ended up in a Chinese Karaoke Bar in Kitty ... how he finds these places I will never know!!

ON ON till next time

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