Monday, January 12, 2009

The New Year run

Welcome to 2009

Wilkommen 2009

Bienvenue a 2009

To all of you hashers and lapsed hashers show up this year in huge numbers!!!!!

Condolences to "Sperm Bank" and family whose father passed away

we want to say good bye to staunch hashers :

"Transvestite Lover" and his wifey "AntiChrist" whose term with Guysuco Skeldon has come to an end and,

Tinky Winky who absconded to Canada without telling us!!!!

Thank you those of you out there who kept coming to the runs during thin times, and for the hares without whom there is no hash!!!!

Anyhow now that we are done with all that trash, the first run of 2009 will be held on Sunday18th January. Meet at the British High Comission at 10am, for convoy to run site. We will leave at 10.30 sharp. Hash cash will be G$2000.00

It will be an all day outing on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, and since it is the rainy season, please do bring swimming togs to take advantage of all that water!!!!

The Hares will be "Gypsy Bitch" and "ChopSuzuki"

WE need to have some idea of numbers for this run so that we can cater food .. probably Roasted Caiman, Pork and Beef!!!!!


see you there

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