Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mon Repos/National Park

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Well the last run went off quite well despite there being only 10 runners. Hares were Gypsy Bitch, JohnSingh and Mrs Singh!

We left the BHC at 10.00 and went up to Mon Repos, thru Melsha furniture store street down to the back, parked the cars, and then headed off on the run.

The paper trail set by John Singh led us down behind Mon Repos and into the cane fields, around and over trenches, through the sugar cane,( killing about 20 pounds worth of sugar cane in the process!!!), along the naim irrigation canal, over and into punts (with a "P" you dirty minded sod), then back out in to Mon Repos and the cars.

The On ON was held at the National Park, with lots and lots of food (big shrimp no less) pork, beef, fish, puri and cookup!!

3 virgins were deflowered, 2 sinners justly punished, and the hares given an 8.5 for their efforts.

The next run will be in 2 weeks: that is October 4th 2009 meet at the BHC at 3pm in the afternoon. Swimming gear may be required, so please make note!!

The Hare for this run will be Jerry White and brood!!

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Dr. Alex said...

I wish I knew about Hash running when I was living in Guyana in 2005! I was just thinking about my trip to Georgetown and visiting the Georgetown National Park, with the manatees.