Friday, December 11, 2009

The Hash Party

Well the second Guyana Hash House Harriers Xmas party went off quite well, with about 20-23 people attending at the Dutch Bottle Cafe on Church Street.

Lots of people that we know about who were in country did not attend, wether they just plain forgot or wether they just plain fell asleep like Micro Orgasm and his wifey claim they did, or just never got the email  .... (please if you want to get emails from the hash letting you know about upcoming runs, email us at, and we will add you to the list.) they just did not appear.

Any how the Mismanagement Committee and I want to wish you seasons greetings, Merry Xmas and an extremely happy and profitable New Year!!

The Next run of the GH3  will be in January 2010, and it will be a weekend run in Bartica (a gold mining based town that is the capital of Region 7, situated at the junction of the Essequibo and Mazaruni rivers,).

That means that we leave Georgetown on Saturday morning, get to Bartica, settle into our location (usually a camp out site, or for those namby pamby ones a guest house or hotel), thensome time after lunch we suffer through the run that the hares have inflicted upon us, have the On On  at some unspecified location, after which there is the all night party session in Bartica (usually) for those still up to it!

Sunday is designated as recovery day, although sadistic hares have been known to put us through another run in the morning!!!

Thank God for the BANKS hare of the dog!!!!!

Let us know if you are interested in the Bartica weekend Jungle hash soon, since the hares have logistics to deal with!!


Hash Master (of all He surveys)
Ph: 619-7011

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