Friday, March 19, 2010

The Return of fun

Well people, This it is! The penultimate day before the Bartica Hash, and we have a grand total of 10 persons.

A lot of noise in the background about "yes we want to go, but..."

Get up off your tukhusses and get.

We meet at the BHC on Main street at 12.15pm on Saturday 20th March  ... yes that's tomorrow...
and from there, minibus to Parika, speedboat to Bartica, walk to the Guest house/Hotel/whatever, Lunch, relax a bit, do a run (in the Jungle I believe) back at the Guest house/Hotel/whatever we have the On On, sinners will be punished and hares will be punished even more!!!!  Party and generally have fun that night.  Breakfast bright and early the next morning (Sunday 21st), recover slightly and then another run ... maybe even a jungle run  .. lunch (dont know whether that is covered in the costs) and then Speed boat back to Parika, Minibus back to town.

There you have it.....  our itinerary in a knutshell!!!!

Those of you who have not already paid up, please bring the money to the BHC Tomorrow, and by the way, the hash cash has been cut back to $2000.00.

Thanks for your attention

Your revered Grand Master
H. M. ChopSuzuki

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