Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Next run Saturday 14th August 2010 at 3pm

The next run of the Georgetown Hash House Harriers will be on Saturday 14th August 2010 at 3pm.  We will be meeting at the British High Commission and then will travel over the river to Canal.  The hare for this run will be "Lube Job" Rambarran.

Since we have some distance to travel, please ensure that you are there sharp 3pm.


Howler Monkey said...

Well hello you horrible hashers. I hope you have a muddy, slimy trail to follow on your next hash, with perhaps the odd rotting monkey en route. For those of you who were hashing 10 years ago, you may remember Howler Monkey, a regular hasher and even more regular sinner (I only sinned to get extra beers). I remember fondly my time amongst you dirty, sweaty drinkers who occasionally ran but more often walked, hitched a lift on a donkey or minibus (or was it just me who did that). I am still in touch with Stinky Bugger, who married a frog (Frnech woman - not a wee beastie, although he was always into the birds and the bees, being an entomologist. He has produced a wee boy), Groin Masseuse and Poo Pumper, who both live in Melbourne Oz and who have two kids. I visit them every year (they threaten to move and not give me their address) and make sure that they are not taking life too seriously.

Keep on aiming high.

Kindest regards,
Howler Monkey

Ralph said...

Hoping ya have a great run. Next time I am down therwill meet up with ya and enjoy the fun. 4x4 GYHHH from 10/89- 05/91