Friday, February 25, 2011

Run # 596 The Jardim's place, Timerhi Jan 15th 2011

Well now we finally have the pictures for the second run of the year!!!  Thanks Jessica (finally)!!

the Hash met at the British High Commission at about 9.30 in the am and after some waiting headed off into the wild  green yonder!

After a couple of breakdowns and persons losing themselves on the perfectly straight road, we finally got up to Joe and Christine's place around 11am.

So here we have this miscellaneous group of assorted perambulators, joggers and runners just sort of hanging around.
 Seem to be a bunch of them doing unusual things...
hhmmmmm maybe he took a dump and some else is burying it?

 The Virgins gathered to receive instructions

from the great and feared Hash Master "ChopSuzuki"

And off we go!
Clustered at first, that soon changes as the walkers
rapidly drop behind,
 and the first burst of energy takes the virgins off up the trail. (or down)

The first part of the run was along good, firm, open, sand covered roads or trails as you may call them (we do).

 The hot bright sun blazing down on us poor suffering hashers makes us wonder  "are we insane to be out here?"  ...  but as the saying goes "no one but mad dogs, Englishmen and Hashers out in the noon day sun"

Welcome to the hash people. "cor its hot"

calls for cool shade from sweaty people abound .... but relief is in sight:

A creek .. "ohhhh cold!" are the screams heard as the hashers traverse the slow flowing red(black) water creek

 Two virgins reveling in the cool water!

While others hurry to get out

and put on their shoes

 some wait, for the rest of the pack
 who slog on through, with help from friends

"aahhhhh dry land at last!"

"Yes you do look a bit damp!"

ONON! On in!

And then back onto the trail again

" hello what happened back there?"

"It wasn't me!"

trash and all

 Living on the edge!!
 "WHERE does the trail go?"
 OH there.

"Once you begin, it is a slippery slope you tread"


Going down!

a little too fast

 told ya

Sumintra makes her way down

 the last lap

 Back near the race circuit

and onto the home trail

Meanwhile, back at the ONON, the GM deals with names and accounts!!

while the front runners "Buss a Lime!"

This was a good crop of  fresh plucked virgins

and the GM does his conductor thing

and the virgins drink

"Go West young man "
(in other words, "get your butt into the centre!")

 Sinners got  a shot (double of course) of frozen vodka  Yay Ivanoff!!

And the hares are finally caught  ..  Suckstache and Rubber Duckie

What's this drinking water?  ... sacrilege!!!

now what is that hare cooking up?

Here we have a good view of "Banks, the beer of Guyana".!!
 along with a motley bunch of hashers  middle guy Wes Feaver is our new IT go to guy.


The original Jardim swimming hole in the ground great for whirlpool action

The view from above of the "OOL" (notice no "P" in it!!)

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