Monday, June 6, 2011

Run #605 Merissa's nightmare

Well, everybody's clothes survived Merissa's onslaught more or less, and everybody got to the on on intact...  yay hash!

  picture for this post would be appreciated, since the Dictator did not go on this run, sending the grand mattress in his stead.

New virgins were deflowered and sinners duly punished.

Note: Sumintra Brown has been rechristened (run #604) and now and forever shall be known to the hashing world as "Turtle Cum"

Sonia Singh completed her 11th (run #605) and was named Highway Doucher  (almost got Douche Baggette  ....  so close!!)

The next run will be up in Linden, hosted by the Linden branch of the peace corps.

2 weeks saturday  meet at the BHC pm    details to follow.


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