Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Linden Runs

"Where, oh where were you last week? 
Why did you make us hash all alone?
You fat, lazy bastards, you weren't even here. 
So we fucked all the virgins and drank all the beer!"
-Newly learned Hash song, courtesy of Moldy Ho.

Last Hash, Peace Corps volunteers rolled out in force for two Shitty
Linden trails! Behold, pictures of all the fun that most of you (no,
not you Deaf Lesbian and Hash Hoochie) missed!

Saturday's trail, N-Dust-Trail, had us up and down sand pits, slogging
through muddy, swampy, flatlands, ducking under bushes on a never
ending horse trail, clambering over two rickety wooden bridges and
sneaking our way under the rusty, monolithic, long forgotten and
abandoned aluminum factory. All with shots of RUM along the way. On

After a killer On On, where Moldy Ho led us in an array of filthy new
Hash songs we debauched through the night and woke to breakfast and
then hit Sunday's trail, Hangover Hill. 

True to its name, the trail was up and down sand hills, canyons, valleys and more
freakin sand hills. 

Although that trail was shorter, it required more endurance.
think we may have even seen Suckme Suckme sitting down on trail, that Sinner! 
Even our fearless leader, ChopSuzuki fell for some evil false trails and looked a wee bit haggard at the On on.

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