Monday, September 12, 2011

Run #613

Hey now, don't let it be said that the HM is not appreciative of hashers when they go out of their way to be helpful to the Hash!!

I am happy to give Iboibo the Shitty Trail award, with a hash rating of 7.5.

Ibo set the trail on Saturday morning all by himself, going thru dangerous territory, being chased by dogs and being threatened by the various inhabitants of deepest darkest Sophia.

We were pleasantly surprised to have a grand total of 30 hashers on this one, normally Saturday town runs are less than well attended!

Anyhooo, off we went happily running thru Prashad Nagar, blissfully unaware of all the hare had in store for us!!!   Yeah good sunshine, 2 beer stops expected and what was believed to be an easy run ahead.  YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!

After the first check point where most of the hash lost flour (yes the trail was set mostly with flour ... Bakewell we see why your bread is so small!!!!) things got progressively more difficult.

We ended up running a good half mile on rotted wooden planks, precariously perched atop thin cross pieces, the uprights of which were sunk deep in an unmentionable substance that had been sitting in place for a number of years, forming a deadly swamp.  Heavy people one at a time please!!

Then back out of the wood and concrete jungle and on to the East Coast Highway...... running along with the 100kph traffic coming up from behind us, one of the hashers, the soon to be named Andrew decides that it is safer to jump into a trench!!  (He claims he was looking for the trail!).

Then through Bel Air Village with the first beer stop being easily and eagerly sniffed out by thirsty hashers, and pillaged,  across Conversation Tree road, through Bel Air Gardens, out onto Sherriff Street, across into Subryanville, back around past Mae's School, onto Sherriff Street again, cross at he lights, then hang a left, past Kanuku Suites, and the 2nd beer stop,   On On in to Iboibo's place and a wild alcohol drenched hash circle.... downdowns with Vodka, 7 virgins deflowereed on Iboibo's driveway, 1 visitor welcomed, and the book was opened for Andrew's name.

Dinner (German's Grub  yum yum!) and more alcohol, followed by the solemn ceremony of the naming:- Andrew joins the ranks of the named and shall henceforth and forever be known as "Cookie Tossing Fucker"

Just by the way during the Santa Mission Hash, Marissa Hussein was named "Tree Way Tramp"  and Marcia Akeung was named "Chick With A Dick"

Further alcohol and the hash broke up because the Beer was done....horrors  who ws responsible for that debacle   Oh! Me!

Anyway, repairs to ibo's places are ongoing, something about barf eating the tiles .......

Take care all and recover intime for the next one on the 24th, hared by Terrence and Christine.


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