Monday, January 2, 2012

THE FIRST HASH OF 2012 Happy New Year

Happy New year to one and all!!!

This year, the G2H3 (Georgetown, Guyana Hash House Harriers) hope to have a smashing year..... only the hashers can make it so!!

Now backing up a bit to last year ...  .... ..... The hash party was a reasonable success, Thanks to Swampy's house and pool, Apple Bottom Bitch's cooking and ChopSuzuki's BBQ skills      oh and a little help from  BOOZE!!!  We were somewhat disappointed by the fact that less than 1/4 of the current hash numbers showed up, and even more disappointed by the fact that so few hashers brought bottles along.  (And there I was hoping that the hash would not have to buy and vodka or rum for at least 3 months!!)

Ah well, Que Sera, Sera!

A good time was had by all (well almost all).  For some reason, despite the email going out to say hashers only, a number of persons did bring guests, (who did not bring bottles!!)  and obviously said guests were not told about the Hash, or the fact that the party was a pool party!!  We had persons turning up in short gold Lame dresses with 4 inch heels and other bits and pieces (without bottles)!!

Others turned up without swimsuits, others brought swimsuits, but never got into the ool (notice there is no "P" in that or at least we hoped not!!!) Well, some people came wet, some became wet and others had wetness thrust upon them!!!! Hi Rosie the Rack!!!

All in all a moderately resounding success!!!!

Now back to the important stuff    Fast forward to the distant future .... ... .. The Guyana Suriname Hash tie up will take place in  Mid March of this year (that is 16-17th March 2012).  Hashers who wish to attend, should visit the Suriname Embassy to obtain Visas and if you are driving across, get Suriname insurance from local insurance companies.

We will definitely need to know numbers for this hash, since hotel accommodation and food have to be dealt with.  In this situation, money needs to be paid up front, so that you can be booked in.
Iboibo, Nicholas Frazer and Highway Doucher are currently in Suriname checking out the trail possibilities, accommodations and misc. costs.

I believe that a lump sum payment that includes all transportation (unless you are driving across) accommodation and food (and booze maybe) will be levied.  Information to be published at a later date.

Now Back To The Present The first run of the Guyana Hash will be held Sunday January 15th,  9am at the will be a all day hangout up on the Highway.  Further details to come

HOPING TO SEE YOU ALL THERE, and it would be nice to know how many of you will be along.

Drivers, please turn up with your transp, even if only a motobike!

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