Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kautaballi Creek/Fung-a-Fat Farm Splash Hash

Run 556? - Kautaballi Creek/Fung-a-Fat Farm Splash Hash.
Hares = Chop Suzuki, Winston, and Gypsy Bitch.

Normal Start: Bunch of daft guys standing around,

Leering at the Harriettes.

The run began with nice smooth, flat trails:

The pack was nicely bunched,

Some bush always adds flavor.

Log bridges are even better when they are false trails.

Back to the blackwater creek. But where did the trail go?

The paper must have floated away when the hares threw it in the creek:
Good thing there are no savage red-bellied piranha in Guyana! Or venomous water snakes! Or caiman!

We had already lost the trail. Now it looked like we might lose the creek too.

Search and rescue from the air would not have done any good:

Finally we reached dry land and sunlight!

Who needs a circle when there's dominoes!


Easy Bitch keeps Shoe Bandit's company while the GM says good-bye. Doesn't the GM look sad? Of course none of us believe Venezuela actually wants Shoe Bandit back. How many times has he told us he's leaving?

Black water swimming holes make everything better!

Easy Bitch is happy!

Nakita broke a nail, but the beer makes that better too!

Score: Beer 546, Hashers 16

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