Saturday, August 25, 2007

Victoria/Hope - British High Commissioner's Pool

25 August 2007
Run 55x (Who counts anyway?)
Hash - Victoria/Hope
On On - British High Commissioner's Pool

GM pulls Chokomaky's pony tail. Why?

Easy Bitch and Nikita want YOU to start coming on the hash!

An early stroll along the seawall was a good change of pace.

Captain Kirk is checking out a false trail. See him in the distance? I can't either.

Lazier folks waited for others to find the trail.

Single file - just like kindergarten.

Over, under, or through the farmer's fence?

Rice Fields!! Where else would you possibly rather be on a Saturday afternoon?

Everyone kept their feet dry.

Spider Woman will check it out!

One of the virgins ran in bare feet! He's a nurse!!

Family friendly hash: horrors, bicycles, and the Venezuelan diplomat who refused to leave.

If you saw how Spider Woman got her name, you'd never believe she's afraid of heights.

The On On was poolside at the Residence of the British High Commissioner. It was pretty dark until G-string figured out he better turn on the lights.

This is a family-friendly website, so we can't show you what went on in the pool.

After food came the naming ceremony!!

GM's wife was in the crowd, so Chop Suzuki averted his eyes while the harriette soon to be christened Bouncing Bikini demonstrated why.

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JSC said...

Where did you get the picture of the shark in the pool? I was wondering if I could use it?