Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lube Job's Farm - Part I

9 September 2007
Hash - Lube Job's Farm at Moblissa Creek
On On - under a bridge on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway
On On continued - Baby Jesus's place

Part I - Girls out front for Baby Jesus' last run
(and he didn't even show up)

Soesdyke junction: the Hash's favorite pick-up spot.

Where are all the men?

Front-running is fine,

but the view is much better in the back:

It wouldn't be a Guyana hash without a blackwater creek.

We're family friendly too.

What goes down,

Must slog up.

And up.

Midget in front:

Looking tired...

Bush is better:

GM throws this easy fish back in the creek:

Back into the light:

Someone got Belinda riled up again:

Since when did hashers start carrying purses?

Hitch-hiking harriettes usually want a ride in a car.
These harriettes just want to ride the guy with the big feet.

Another long, long road:

Finally, we can start drinking and stop pretending that we enjoyed the run.


This dude got it in his ear:

Some hashers just come for the food:

Try not to get in between Poke-her-hontas and the cook-up!
The Geddes Grant Triplets do everything together:

Mum, mum good:

Hariettes favorite:

This is what hashing is really about:

It started as an innocent game of ball:

But is it the football she's trying to grab, or some or kind of ball?

Whatever it was, ALL the guys have smiles on their faces:

Judging by the expression on his face, it looks like she found what she was looking for:

Now the girls are going after each other. Notice how the guys are still smiling.

These gals just like to watch:

GHHH family photo (the better half):

Bye-bye to Baby Jesus:

What's she looking at???

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