Saturday, November 3, 2007

Run 563 - Rum Till I Die

It has been a while since my last will notice that these are all old runs....because there are no hares to set new runs!!!! Never mind, the hash will not die, although it does look kind of shrivelled right now!!

Run 563 This was the last Rum-till-I-Die run of 2007... November 3rd.

We met as usual at the BHC 3.00 pm on a Saturday afternoon........ but as usual, did not leave to go on the run until God knows what time!!!

Here we are waiting for others to turn up at the BHC. Not an uncommon occurrence these days.

After finally leaving the High Comission, the hash proceeded on its arduous course.... running the extremely long distance of 600 meters to get to the first drink stop ..... WINDIES on Middle Street. The drink was of course a straight shot of cold 5yr old DDL Gold Medal winning rum.

Having suffered through its first shot, the aspiring hashers betook themselves down the road, all the way to Camp Street and JERRY'S, where they recieved their second shot....... yet another cold 5yr old.

Along with the rum, Black pudding was served ... yum!!

Off again, all the way back to middle street (150 feet) and the TIC-TAC Restaurant and Bar, where the ebullient hashers took yet another shot .... this time, icy cold IVANOFF vodka, out of the TIC-TAC's freezer.
Now I know ... just like everyone else in the civilized world, that Russians like Vodka, so why does Alli (leaning against the bar in a hat) not drink it? He, it seems has defected to DDL 5yr old!!

And here, enjoying theirs shots to the fullest it seems are from left: Lube Job, a virgin,
ChocoMakki, Gypsy Bitch, Marco and Rebel.

The previously mentioned Russians!!!!

Finally, the Hash left TIC-TAC and hastened on its way to the next stop. Seen here is Ground Zero ... the Alberttown Fire Station!! Some how I don't think the poor Firemen knew what hit them!!

This was a much longer hop than all other stops combined so far, plenty of time for the hashers to build up a thirst!!!! Note the ravening hordes of hashers coming down the road,

and swarming around the mobile drink stop!!!! By the way the fire station is right next to the police station! (Blue & white building.)

Having exhausted the possibilities of the Mobile stop (another shot of ICY COLD Vodka), the swarm begins its long journey to yet another watering hole.

On the way, they encountered baricades;

and difficult cross country stretches.

Finally, after suffering through privations and tribulations, a watering hole!!!

Again the hash was treated to ...... wait for it ...... a shot of 5yr old!! in the dim, dank recesses of the DUTCH BOTTLE CAFE.

Then once again out into the cruel harsh weather

along lonely, tortuous trails, fraught with danger;

Through over grown pathways hung with all sorts of flora, and populated by all types of fauna;


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