Saturday, November 3, 2007

Run 563 - Rum Till I Die Run Part 2

After surviving the terrible jungle trails, we wended our way through miscellaneous valleys;

Ambling along in the fading sunlight.

Then back into the jungle for another shot at the overgrown trail.

Stopping along the way to perhaps look at the flora; and to take a breath of relief at having made it through!! Either that or catching flies Rebel!!!!

Up treacherous slopes;

Now at the top of this steep trail, was the promised land!!
The Arawak Steak House and Roof Garden!

No pictures, we will leave it to your imagination ... something this sacred should not be profaned by common photographs. Suffice it to say the Hash imbibed the GOLDEN BREW by the jug full, and asked for more!!

Finally, after a long period of debauchery, the tired hashers wend their way back through the trails, lit by fireflies;

Stopping at an animal trail waiting till its safe to pass .. those big ones are dangerous at night ...

Phew made it across safely ...

Back to the vehicles;

We are alive back at the cars!!!!

Legs nah wuk no mo!!!!!!!!

Back at the ONON, the newbies, having lost their virginities somewhere on the trail introduce themselves a bit more formally,

Have their first official drink as members of the Georgetown Hash House Harriers;

and receive the blessings of the group!!

Every run has one of them ... the ne-er do well, the SINNER(S):
In this case SWAMPY (nee Monica's Cigar)

seen here receiving his just desserts

Keep on Hashing , and next hash bring a friend or two or three..... remember, the more the merrier!!!!

Happy New Year



PakTeh said...

wow.. great stories to share. seems like i wuz there too :) great journey rite.

Greetings from Malaysia

Anonymous said...

u folks do know how to have my kinda fun.

Unknown said...

Hi! I ran hash (guyana) 93 or 94..good times,great fun!...hello to Squiggy and Colin if they are still running!