Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lethem Easter Rodeo Hash

I had a great time hashing with Georgetown hashers in Lethem. What an experience, I am really glad that I went on this hash.

We set off at approximately 3.00am on Thursday 20th April, and some 22 – 23 hours later, and after several stops along the way for food and beer and more importantly for a good stretch, we arrived in Lethem at about 2.00am on the 21st April. We had descended on D’Aguiar’s (Georgetown hasher Paul’s parents), house in Lethem. I wonder if they knew what they were letting themselves in for.

The namby pamby hashers’ amongst us carried on to hotel accommodations; others set about pitching tents and preparing to go to sleep. However, there was one more thing we all had to do, and that was to wash Guyana out of us. The red dust was everywhere, even in ones mouth. My hair felt like someone had discharged a whole tin of hair spray in to it.

Surprisingly, everyone seem to be up and about fairly early. Paul’s parents had already semi-prepared the breakfast, as they did every morning, and involved in some way, in most meal we had in Lethem that we didn’t pay for. They were simply wonderful.

Our first hash was to Moca Moca Hydropower dam (waterfall). The Hydropower plant was not in operation, as some movement earth had damaged the pipe works and the steps to the dam.
The clime wasn’t really that hard, and was well worth the effort. The view from the top was beautiful, but the best thing was being able to take a dip in cool refreshing water after that somewhat arduous clime. About an hour later we all went down for the barbeque (cooked by Paul’s sister), lots of beers and our first down downs. There were many down downs, but I feel I must mention one in particular. This involved Henry and his flashing sneakers. Colin quite rightly launched one of Henry’s sneakers on the slow moving river. I only managed to get one picture of this where Henry is holding up the sneaker that he had rescued (kodakgallery).

The second hash took us to Bon Fin, a border town in Brazil. The hares were former Georgetown hashers “Suck Stache” and “Rubber Duckie”. The hash was along the river (Takatu River?) bank and at the end cool refreshing dip in the river. Not long after words, we went back to their place for a delicious meal wash down with lots of beer.

We left Bon Fin at about 3.00pm and arrived back at D’Aguiar’s place at about 5pm – 6.00pm.
On third and our last day in Lethem we went to the Rodeo. We got back late afternoon/early evening. After shower and change of clothes; we enjoyed a beautifully prepared barbeque by Paul’s mum and dad. Some of us didn’t go to sleep as we were scheduled to leave at about 2.00am. Another bumpy and dusty ride lay ahead of us.

After few stops for food and drinks and a canopy walk and passage of 22 hours later we arrived back in Georgetown at about 2.00am. By the time I reached my temporary home (Colin’s mothers house), it was 3.00am and end of wonderfully adventures Lethem Easter Rodeo Hash.Only one thing is left to mention, and that to thank Colin and his mother for their hospitality.


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