Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lethem Rodeo III - Hashing in Bon Fin, Brazil

GHHH road trip to the 2008 Lethem Easter Rodeo

22 March 2008
Run 558 - Bon Fin, Brazil
Hares = Suck Stache and Rubber Duckie

Bouncing Bikini is in Poke-Her-Hontas' hammock again this morning. But this time there's three!

The Takatu River Bridge, under construction since the 1990s, and almost finished.

In the meantime, most traffic uses the pontoon ferry.

These hashers opted for a motorized canoe. Wonder if they checked through immigration and customs?

Brazil! Where the main roads are paved, they have a regular garbage collection service, 24-hour electricity and a steady water supply, and businessmen are ready for tourists.

Whatever they're selling, I'm buying!

GHHH family photo - the better half

Hash Horror

Looking for a privy?

Come on in!

Too bad they're aren't any good restautants in Brazil!

Real GHHH hashers drink ... water?

Nope! It's beer.

On your knees!!

Newest hasher! How many runs so far?

Back to Guyana,
with our shopping bags.

Another truck picture.

Harriettes partying

They prefer to watch

Maybe Bouncing Bikini had a little too much?

Now everything is all blurry

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