Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After Run # 612

 All:  Great Hash at Santa Mission.  Kudos go out to the Hares but also special kudos to Chop Suzuki for all of his continued great work with the Hash and in particular for putting all of the logistics together for this Hash and all the others.

I have been hashing for close to 25 years and I can tell you that no Hash can survive on one person alone.  Chop continues to do a stellar job but he cannot keep this up as a one man team.  He needs everyone's support.  The GH3 requires a strong committee to succeed.  CHop can be the GM but he needs a Hash Cash, Hash Trash (someone to write up the stories, update the webpage, etc.), Hash Trail master (someone to sign people up in advance as Hares), Hash Haberdasher (get the shirts, etc), Hash Beermeister (get the food), Religious Advisor (we have that now), etc.

There is no need for me to ask people to volunteer.  You must do so on your own.  Once the Hash gains enough routine attendance and  enjoyment by all, it will be an honor to take on these roles and it will become competitive. This Hash was once at that level and could be getting back to it but the next step requires volunteers.  I cannot lie and say that I will volunteer bc I won't.  I work in two countries (here and Suriname) and thus cannot commit to that.  That said, as you all saw I am am more than willing to step in as Acting GM, ACting RA or whatever when needed when here. 

The time is now for people (Hashers) who love this Hash to step up. If all step up, the big job for one person become little jobs for many.

On a separate note, and as noted today, I have volunteered to Hare the next hash on Sat September 10 at my house in Prashad Nagar.  The problem is, I no longer have my Hash shoes (the only running shoes I own and my Hash shoes for the last ten years).   As such, before I lock in this next Hash, I need feedback from whomever who might know where my shoes ended up.  they were on the dock when we ended up back from the trip today but they were not loaded into my SUV.  If anyone has found my shoes or knows of their whereabouts it would be a big help.  Without them I am not  certain I can hare until I get new shoes which wont happen until late October if the shoes are gone for good. 

Welcome word back on my shoes and welcome volunteers to step forward and contact Chop about future assistance for one of the many positions open at this time.

Cheers, On On, iboibo

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