Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Hauraruni Run 6/4/2011

These were the images collected on the Hauraruni hash, up on the Linden-Soesdyke highway

dismal grey day but no real rain and over all a good run through the bush.

At the start ..... a house about 45 seconds away from the highway!

The HM does the necessary

 The beginning of the trail

on on

 Swampy all by his self    awwwwww!!!

 More of that wonderful stuff called BUSH
 Nicholas showing off the 5 o clock shadow that took 1 week to develop!!!!

Now swampy is no longer alone

At Hauraruni Creek after the run

At the creek,

The hares get their's.

numerous down downs were had

especially by the peace corps exvirgins

and others

some of course, not being warned about the rules of chugging, were doused!

some drank faster than they ever have before!

but took their punishment like MEN!!!!

New shoes were found on the feet of a virgin hasher!!

and they were christened!!!!

she took it like a good sport

The Grand Mattress and a poseur  

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