Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Annual Red Dress Run!


HARES: Moldy Ho, Deaf Lesbian, and Just Tony (but not for long)

WHEN:  Saturday October 8th at 3 PM

WHERE:  Out side of the British High Commission (on Main Street). Look for desperate wankers badgering hapless passer-bys for Banks.

HASH CASH:  $2000 includes drinks and food and a flash from Three Way Tramp.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Time to pull out that special red dress from the closet and join the rest of the Global Hash World with a RED DRESS RUN!  Now only in Guyana is it against the law for men to dress in women's clothing!!!.............So if that bothers you just wear something RED & Flashy.  So cumm (who said cumm) and join us for a fun run (stagger?) through Georgetown! Again, just to ensure you gaffing wankers understand, you must wear RED! If you don't wear RED, don't cum!


Now, let us discuss Hash Naming.  First thing we learn about hashing is that there are no rules but there are traditions.  Names are suppose to relate to the hasher being named.  Ideally it should be two words,  a name should roll off the tongue with a minimum of syllables. You don't want to be panting from chasing the frickin' FRB Hare and shouting "Hey, He Who Farts Like A Cow, where is the Beer Near?"

Here are some examples:

I was named for my job, I was working with mold = Moldy Ho

One can be named for something physical = Deaf Lesbian (he can tell you about the lesbian part!) 

Can be named for something on the hash:

Friend of mine always  rode his big hog motorcycle to the hash  = Hog StrattleHER

Another friend pass out on her first hash, stayed down on the ground with both hands clutching the grass = Field Tester

Can be name stemming from one's own name:

Had a friend Jay Lamb = EWE Fucker

You get the idea...

We will be naming Tony this week and what do we know about him...  He is: White, tall, American, member of US Peace Corps (hmmm just thought of a good one), teaches Physiology to nursing student in Linden and he is usually the FRB of the Georgetown H3.  Think we should be able to think of some good names that relate to Tony.

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Hops said...

Please let know in advance next year. Here's a mistake you'll never repeat: There's no such thing as a "first annual." The proper term is inaugural. :-)