Thursday, October 13, 2011

Run No 615

Well, it's time for the Guyana Hash House Harriers to take a trip to da West Coast.

This hash run will be planned and hosted by Carrissa and Mark.

The trail is promised to be interesting and challenging...and maybe just a little bit tricky for you FRB's!

The On-In will be in Uitvlugt and home-made southern BBQ chicken will be
the entree for the meal (I have a grill and I know how to use it).

Anyone is welcome as long as they cum (who said cum?) prepared to have
a good time.

As always, a small token will be taken for costs of food
and refreshments.

Meet in front of the British High Commission at 2PM
Saturday, October 22nd.  Bring a vehicle if available.

Announcement!!!!   Just Tony will forever henceforth be known as "COCKY DOODLE DICK!!!"

ON ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last, T-shirts will be available for sale at $1,000.00 each, assorted sizes and colours, although most will be off white!!!! (yes I wore em!!)

pictures of the RED DRESS RUN are available on our facebook page

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