Friday, December 9, 2011

"Moonlight" Hash #621 and "In-Dust-Trail Revisited" Hash #622

And the drinking group with a running problem found another excuse to do what they do best!! (Like we needed one!) As usual persons showed up late and we weren’t able to attract 1 single Hasher with a vehicle. So unaffected the 11 hashers took the bus up to Linden. The visitors took to their hotels and were ready to start.

Full Moon Hash #621 “Moonlight” Hash
The first GH³ Full Moon Hash was a hit even though it took the 16 hashers with torch lights over 2 hours to finish the trail in the moonlight. Through the village and a creek they went and Mouldy Ho almost made it a 'hash and a boxing match' with the bar-tender at the Beer-Stop; so there was lots of entertainment to say the least. The ON-IN was held at 1-koker where the RA+Acting GM carried the group through the ceremonial drinking - Hares got theirs, virgins deflowered and accusations made.
After little deliberation Chelsea Tibbs shall now be forever known as “FAT POKE”.
Having hashed half the night some continued drinking and some were too drunk to continue and some returned to the apartment just in time to have breakfast and start the “In-Dust-Trail Revisited” Hash (Not calling any names – ‘Rack’).

McKenzie Hash #622 "In-Dust-Trail Revisited"
The 11-person “walk” began not so promptly at 10:30am took over 2½ hours to complete going through the old aluminum plant, past creeks and we almost lost a few hashers in the sand pits but thankfully everyone made it back to Hairy Pussy & Fat Poke’s house for the ON-IN.
Once again and this time for the final time our beloved RA started the ON-IN and handed over to Hairy Pussy to handle the administrative issues and accusations. The Hash also had a few drinks to the Hash on its 22nd Birthday … cheers to the Hash !!!

There being no other business the hashers retired to the bus park to return to GT.

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