Monday, December 19, 2011

The Last Hash of the Year!!!!!

Well another year of hashing has come and gone (sob!), and we are into Xmas shopping and mania.

The G2H3 would like to xtend greetings to all of you whoa have been hashing with us this year, and encourage you to come along next year January when we will be up and at em again.

Just to let you know, the Linden moonlight hash came off with a resounding "splat", leaving us with yet another in the red Linden Run.  Which makes 4 losing Linden runs in a row, leading me too believe that either Linden is cursed, or that hashers just dont like Linden.

Accordingly, we will not have any further Linden runs unless sufficient hashers pay for it up front.

On a much lighter note, somebody was mentioning a hash party .... now under normal circumstances, we would ask you to pay hash cash for said party, but the hash can afford to pay for the food, and we will ask you to bring in drinks (Rum/Vodka/Tequilla whatever) while we buy the beer.

 Next question would then be When and where?


Also, where are those hash pictures people?


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