Thursday, March 22, 2012

April Fools' Hash

Hello loyal hashing flock! A brief announcement from your ever-faithful R.A., Tall but Small (dastardly lies), Carissa, and Leisa.

We plan on hosting a hash run soon, on April 1st. No joke! Only fools.

We have a great trail in mind on the West Demerara coast. The ...great honors and down-downs for the trail will be directed toward the departing Chelsea and Tim Tibbs. Their Linden trails were extremely shiggy and they forever shall be welcome into the kindgom of hashing. The on-in party will be held at Tall-but-Small's humble home in Uitvlugt--it is requested that the neighbors be respected!

Location:        West Demerara, near Uitvlugt area
Date:               Sunday, April 1st
Meet at BHC: 11am
Hairs:              Tall but Small, Carissa, and Leisa
Usual costs (2k) do apply. Ask questions if you're lost on any details.

Lastly, communion, confession, and general tithes are always welcome with the R.A. Good day, hash bless.

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