Saturday, March 3, 2012

Special Hash; GHHH & PHHH Inter-Hash at Nikerie (Suriname)

As was promoted since late last year... we will have two INTER-HASH Runs at Nikerie on March 17-18, 2012.

 As was announced, this hash will cost US $50.  Those of you who are currently on the list will have paid your up front of US $40 or its local equivalent.

The remainder will be collected on Saturday 17th March,  IN US $  either at the gather point or on the ferry (where we have you captive!!!).

All hashers are expected to:

1)  Pay for their own Ferry Cost (US $15)

2)  share in the transportation costs .. ie. the drivers will receive a calculated amount based on total petrol, Bridge and Ferry costs for vehicles, which the individual hashers will contribute to.  (total contribution will be calculated and published by Iboibo.)

Below is a list of persons who will be attending:

1) N. Fraser "Flaps Down"
2) S. Singh "Highway Doucher"
3) Tabitha "Cat in Heat"
4) Suemayah Abu-Douleh
5) Kenrick Thomas
6) Marissa "Three Way Tramp"
7) Marishka Gittens
8) Jackie Kochell
9) Andrew aka Cookie Tossing Fucker
10) Quincy "$5 Suckee Suckee" Wong
11) Camille Ishmael
12) Hemchandranauth Sambhu
13) Dustin Washburn
14) Marcia "Chickwitadick" Akeung
15) Chris "Glutton Chicken Fucker" McRae
16) King Soloman Jr. "King Kong Not So Long"
17) Krystal Rampersad
18) Lisa Rampersad
19) Shiv Dindyal
20) Imarah Radix
21) Leon "Pum Pum Shorts" Bacchus
22) Rishma
23) Colin Lee the GM aka "ChopSuzuki"
24) Nadira aka "Rebel"
25) Clinton aka "Swampy"
26) Latchmi
27) Michel aka iboibo
28) Belinda Gomes Suckme Suckme
29) DJ Heroux aka "Lildog"
30) Dave Jones
32) Shashika Bourne??
33) Colin Sorias (from POS H3 Trin)
34) Matthew (Embassy Driver)
35) Rachael Zaspel (from Barbados)
36) Terrance
37) Christine ABB
38) Jillian Johnson

Plus 6 others.

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