Thursday, November 1, 2012

The next run !!! Run #646.

Run #646.

Date:               November 4, 2012
Time:               11:00 hours
Meeting point:  British High Commission

Cost of food/beer/liquor/communion wafers: $2,500
Location of Trail: Georgetown
Hares: Tall but Small, Canadian #1 (Tristan), Canadian #2 (Zoey)

Thou Shall Have No Other Activity But Hash AMEN!!
And so it begins again! This run shall be special and will be called:
The Blessing of the Hares
Come one come all, gather once more for a meaningful Sunday mass(as there will be a MASSive amount of alcohol) with your ever-patient Religious Advisor, Tall but Small, and his loyal Canadian congregants.
Tithes and blessings will be offered to all that desire, but salvation is only offered to FRBs and DFLs!
There will be an interesting theme going to bless this holy occassion!

So come try to win the “Flash” cape or earn yourself the honor of “Hash-shit”—and remember, TBS’s trails may always be a bit rough and interesting, but they’re a lot less intimidating than sitting on a block of ice!

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