Saturday, April 7, 2007

I know you were getting anxious, but worry no more! I'm back from my extended Hiatus from the Hash. It is true (I know you probably heard it from someone) that I ate some Marmite that expired in 2003 and which sent me to the hospital to undergo emergency bowel surgery. The recovery took me three elongated months.

Anyway, down to business. This edition of the Hash will see us going up the East Bank and on to the Beautiful Madewini Creek at a place called Madewini Gardens. I heard there are two swimming pools and the creek for all you aquatic Hashers.

There is going be a large menu, lots to drink (I mean alcohol), sand, and Brazilian models (not really).

Feel free to bring whatever games you want (a cricket bat and ball would be most welcomed).

NB. It is compulsory that you swim two laps of the pool to complete the Hash biathlon.

On!! ON!!

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